How adventure games saved my life from eternal imprisonment

Pictures of door handles, hair clips and scissors beautifully placed on the toilet seat.

Photo: Kotaku

Warning: This heading is probably Slightly exaggeration. But the adventure game certainly saved my afternoon and some great embarrassment. Earlier this week, I realized that I was trapped in my bathroom and had no wise rescue. Soon after, I returned to a 40-year adventure game and succeeded in my heroic escape.

I’ve loved adventure games since I became able to read them. In fact, they partially taught me to read. The first computer game I played (certainly after Pong) was a text adventure on my dad’s Spectrum 48K. I still read the word “examination” which means “examine”. Solving problems based on the ridiculous logic of this genre has been programmed into me for the past 40 years. But it wasn’t until this week that all this training proved to be very important.

My wife, despite being a saint, broke the door handle of our bathroom. Clean it like this. On the outside of the door there is a hole where the handle should be. But inside, the other half of the mechanic remained, which settled on me ridiculously closing the door and allowed me to sit quietly.

With the constitution completed this morning and the newly discovered spring at my feet, I was ready to challenge the world. However, I suddenly found that the world available to me was very limited. I was trapped, the door handle was useless, and the door closed very tightly. It was awkward.

Close-up of bathroom doors without door handles.

Photo: Kotaku

More importantly, I didn’t have my own phone.Yes, I know.. What kind of blood clot do I need to read poop without a phone call? This kind. My wife was out and I was in the bathroom on the 3rd floor of the loft conversion and the fall from the window was completely deadly. Will I die?To make matters worse, I miss Kotaku shift.

But did I scream out the window like an unfortunate victim? Rampage?? No, I didn’t. Instead, I looked for an item in stock.

I want you to know that this is not the first time you have actually applied your long-standing point-and-click skills. When I was a student, I remember replacing the deadlock at the back door of a rebellious little rented Abara family with just a pair of scissors and a pair of scissors. (We discovered that our terrible landlord had Adhesion To the previous one.And yes, we Did it Change the key of the rental housing. C. )

I am truly proud of the calm I felt when I experienced the recent predicament. With the coolness of believing in the usual desperate and panicked mind, I just scanned the room looking for useful items. The first thing I saw was a hair clip, which was also scissors after many years. Not the same. Only if. But these are in my inventory (hands), so I got to work.

I thought the best thing to do was to remove the door handle.I obviously tried I just forced the door open, but I heard a cracking sound in the wood, so I realized I was trying to burst the door frame. That’s a completely different thing. I put the idea in my back pocket. I was conscious of whether I could get out of Hulk if necessary, but I needed more explanation.Instead, I used [scissors] on [screw]..

Some scissors stick out of the bathroom door, and the door handle is unscrewed and hangs down.

Photo: Kotaku

It’s funny that this action reminds me of far more mobile room escape puzzles than the traditional graphical point-and-click that has interrupted my entire life. From Sierra’s earliest parser interface to the dying embers of Lucasarts’ illustrious 2D cursor-based escape, these were the highlights of my game’s childhood. I’ve been sticking to this genre, good and bad, but at the same time I’ve noticed another phenomenon. All new genres are destined to become adventure games.

Take a hidden object game. Do you remember the fad? Now, play a modern example. You’ll be amazed at how they evolved (ignoring the Cladogenesis that gave us everything after that) Hidden people). Over the years, they have begun to add more stories, more moments between screen hunts, puzzles, inventories, and dialogues …

The same thing is already happening in escape games. They started with Flash-based static screens, found hidden code, and asked them to break through complex puzzle chains to find keys, but nowadays they have story objectives, characters, and permanent items. More obvious inventory has been added.

So it’s only a matter of time before the battle royale begins to offer dialogue options, or sticks out the key with a pencil from the other side of the door and asks the newspaper to catch it in a strangely large space.

Screenshot of the Day of the Tentacle Remaster. Laburn hangs from a tree and faces purple tentacles with a butterfly net.

screenshot: Lucasarts

As you said before distracting, the act of unscrewing with something other than a screwdriver immediately reminded me of the number of room escape games I played. Which was more appropriate given the situation? Frankly, at this point, anyone who is still using a screwdriver for the screw is Gauche.

The problem with unscrewing with pointed scissors is that they are much more likely to push deep into the hole because there is no light touch of the screwdriver. This is where I stepped on my open hairclip, using a flat metal end to secure the screw forward.

This is the next moment I felt So Adventure game. Did not delete all four. Whether it’s a painting or an air conditioner tunnel cover, you don’t have to remove all four. Take out 3 and rotate to the 4th to hang. This was done, revealing a cylindrical hole in the door.

I admit, I’m not Andis’s most convenient. You rarely put Y in DIY. Fortunately, my wife is a much more capable person than I am, and she takes care of this aspect of becoming an adult. So it’s embarrassing to say that I didn’t know exactly how the door handle works. They just do that, right? Like microwave ovens and daytime soap opera, they are not our reason. However, after plunging my finger into the hole, I realized that this was a whole new puzzle.

Do not drag any more. I closed the scissors, stabbed it into the square hole in the mechanism that was still trapped inside the door frame, and rotated it to pull in the latch. And I was free.


OK, so I was an idiot in the bathroom with a broken door. I knew it was broken, but I forgot it at that moment. But at that moment, I was definitely back in the video game instinct. The situations and choices weren’t that interesting and unique, but I thought it would work. Because it always works in adventure games.

I’m ready for almost anything now. Need a small sweater 200 years from now? I win. Want to be a mustache man without a mustache? Easy PC..Just don’t ask me Sneak past an unpleasant goat..

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