How Apple Arcade title Grindstone is optimized for Nintendo Switch

Whetstone I feel incredible to play. Without being told, you know how to get started — just connect creeps of the same color and drag your finger on the phone screen. Tap again, Jorj (WhetstoneThe strong hero) paves the way for him. The game animation has real weight and mimics the rubbing of a finger swiping the glass. WhetstoneThe world is contained within a few inches of the screen and fits vertically in your hand.

Developed by Capybara Games. Whetstone Originally released in September 2019, with the full rollout of Apple’s subscription gaming program, Apple Arcade. Whetstone Explained the possibilities of Apple Arcade. A simple and clean mobile designed without the need for WhetstoneApple Arcade’s exclusive period is over and the game is coming to Nintendo Switch. Does that change your mood? According to Capybara, you shouldn’t.After all, the developers always intended the game to be on the switch A few Point, Capybara game director Dan Vader told Polygon.

“When you feel that the rhythm is some progress [with Grindstone’s release schedule], We said,’OK, now Let’s talk about Switch, “he said. “It’s been months since its launch.”

Image: Capybara Games

Capybara on Tuesday Whetstone It will be available on Nintendo Switch later today. It’s not just a straight port — it’s not enough to take a vertical game and throw it into a horizontal console. Instead, Capybara has optimized the game to fit the Nintendo Switch and optimized the use of touchscreen controls and Joy-Con.

“At first we had a wild idea,” says Vader. For example, allowing players to hold the Nintendo Switch vertically to play. Downwell-style. “And we felt like we were thinking a little too much about it.”

Whetstone The Nintendo Switch looks familiar to anyone who has played on Apple Arcade’s macOS platform. However, Capybara wanted to create something that felt better on the Switch, so he decided which adjustment to make. First, the game board was larger on the Switch, while there was more dead space on the Mac game. Icons will also spread across the screen in a more natural way with the addition of a minimap to the main game screen.

Image: Capybara Games and Image: Capybara Games

“All of this is designed to be within reach,” Capybara studio director Joel Burgess told Polygon. “You can reach out with your thumb and turn on everything, including gear. It feels much more natural.”

Whetstone For those who play Apple Arcade on the Apple TV, there was actually controller support from the beginning. “But to be honest, it wasn’t very good,” Burgess said.Redesigning the user interface is a big part of fixing it Whetstone A player with the option to move freely between both the touch and the controller if the Switch feels it is correct. But for those who dock and play, it was important that purely Joy-Con based play was also correct.

“We especially wanted to use Switch to make people feel comfortable with both experiences and seamlessly blend the two,” says Burgess.

Capybara will continue to support with the move to the new console Whetstone At Apple Arcade — Players still love it. Capybara expects Nintendo Switch viewers to be quite different, especially given the subscription barriers to access on the Apple platform.Updates will continue in both versions Whetstone At least until 2021.

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