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Luis Enrique was wrong. Not the way everyone said he was wrong. “Is it in advance? Maybe yeah, I don’t deny it.” SpainThe coach said, but it turned out that it wasn’t too early at all. Pablo Paes Gavira, “GaviHe was just 17 years old and had only played 374 minutes throughout his senior career, so many thought it was crazy to call him and said without embarrassment. But Wednesday night he didn’t just play in Spain. Debuted in the national team and started in San Siro. Italy.. And he was great.

He was also a winner. Spain defeated the European Champions 2-1 and finished 37 games undefeated (Stream Replays on ESPN, US Only)..Spain won the match in Italy for the first time in 50 years Moss Later, he said it was “historical” and “unforgettable.”according to Ferran Torres, Scorers of both goals, it was also revenge. “We knew this was a very special game because they were knocked out in the euro,” he said.

Revenge was a word Yeremi Pino I continued to repeat it after that. Pino made his debut as a substitute for the second half and was part of an optimistic generation and a prominent figure. He is 18 years old Bryan Gil Is 20, Torres is 21, Ansu Fati When Pedri Coming back soon, they were only 18 years old and even “experienced” Mikel Oyalzabal, The provider of two gorgeous assists is 24 years old. However, it was difficult to be attracted to Gabi any more. “I didn’t know him,” said the Italian defender. Emerson Admitted. “He was really impressed. He sees great potential.”

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Luis Enrique could have done so if the possibility was the right word-and by late Wednesday night, it really didn’t feel like it anymore. There was a way for his madness. In fact, sometimes madness feels like his way. There was a big debate when Gabi was called this time. The next time he is called, it will not be an important qualifying next month. They would have to find something else to speak instead.

Gabi became the youngest man to play in Spain, breaking the previous record set by the Angels Vietas who played against Czechoslovakia in April 1936. Svieta was 17 years old and 284 days old and played again. Switzerland.. That summer, the civil war began, and Zubieta started with a Basque selection team that toured on behalf of the Republic, and later joined San Lorenzo, playing for 13 seasons. He did not return to Spain until he joined Deportivo de La Coruña in 1952.

Gabi played his first Spanish match on the 62nd of 17th.He just played his first when he was called Barcelona game. “Of the three or four spells I’ve met him, only three or four, I’m sure he can be a very important player for the future, not only for Barcelona but also for the national team. “Lewis said. Enrique said. That word was the future. I was injured and absent, but I still felt it was premature. And that was what Luis Enrique accepted. But he claimed that while others didn’t see much of Gabi, he definitely did.

Born in Los Palacios, Seville, Gabi, represented by former midfielder Ivan de La Pena, has joined Barcelona’s youth system since the age of 11. This was classic. Gabi defeated Betis 5-0 against Barca. Luis Enrique argued that he was the “reference” of the academy of Barcelona, ​​the star of his generation, and that no one could undoubtedly accomplish it. “Barcelona has a lot of profiles, but with the physics of modern games, it has a strong and tremendous personality,” he said as a key figure in the Spanish Football Federation’s youth football. “He can set the pace of the game and knows when to speed up or slow down, and he is willing to tackle his physical task, the looseball challenge. I am. “

Sure, there was something in Gabi. He is a talented inside midfielder who has read the game carefully and has not only the touch, timing and eyes of the pass, but also the temperament. He was tough, edgy and a little annoying about him. Those who saw him were convinced that he would be the top player. They also saw a kid who forgot things, sometimes off the line, had no interest in the trap of being a soccer player, and seemed to be interested in the game itself. Someone who sometimes needs control, slows down and is very competitive. He didn’t like to lose.

He still does, and Luis Enrique knew it. That happened when Pablo was asked about calling Spain following Barcelona’s 2-0 defeat at Atletico last weekend. “I’m angry about what we’ve lost right now, so I don’t want to talk about it,” he said.

Many others were also angry. Luis Enrique knew he had taken a serious step, but insisted that calling Gabi was the right thing to do. He also couldn’t care much about what the media said-as long as he opposed the grain and enjoyed giving them some gratitude, he could, at first glance Except for quite a few things. There’s the opposite line, and it feels like he’s enjoying the fight. And thinking about it, he probably saw something in Gabi.

“The danger is the risk of calling an unreliable player,” Luis Enrique claimed. “And there’s no doubt that Gabi will be important. I may have called him early, but age doesn’t matter. He’s not just ready. I like what I see. , I want to know if he can adapt to our play. “

Then it will be.

“Maybe he will start in Italy,” said the Spanish coach. He remembered that after the Italian match. “Oh, did you say that?” He grinned back. “I don’t remember” Everyone will remember what they just saw. “Age is just a number,” Cork said. “If young people compete, leave it to them.”

Gabi was okay and competed.He was against Giorginho, Marco Verratti, When Nicolo Barella But he didn’t seem to care. He handed out the ball early and led to the first shot of the Italian game, but he didn’t seem to care about it either. At least it didn’t affect him. He continued to pass and completed 47 out of 53 passes.He confronted Verratti and jumped in Federico ChiesaWorked on Emerson and never set back. He ended the game with a thin, pale wound, but didn’t mind. He won.

He beat them. Luis Enrique was already so. Now other people have participated and are more active than others. “We are talking about an unusual incident,” said the Spanish manager. “He plays as if he were on his patio at home. He is happy to meet a player with that quality and personality. Our people who know him already know who he is. I know. He doesn’t surprise me.

“He has the personality, courage, quality and football to play at this level, and besides, he’s physically great. He just needs to mark Verratti, who told me he was his idol. There was, and he was more than a job. It’s absolutely unusual to see a player with his personality. He has a typical profile that fits our system. He Move between lines, play, provide the last pass and never lose the ball. He’s not just in the future. Fortunately for the national team, he’s still. “

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How Barcelona’s Pablo Paes became Spain’s present and future How Barcelona’s Pablo Paes became Spain’s present and future

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