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When Jenson Button steps into the Haywood Racing awning, the noise becomes deafening. The team has been trying to win the festival in Mygale for three years. This time was good.

Ignoring the fact that the French car is clearly a good car, the driver always intended to play a major role at this year’s Formula Ford Festival.

At the age of 18, he drove the first season. He is currently the British Formula Ford champion and the first British Festival winner since 1990. In addition to this, there are all the praises associated with being nominated for the McLaren Autosport BRDC Awards. [which he would also win].. But behind the smile and celebration, he is already looking ahead.

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Of course, he’s not going to tell journalists exactly what he’s going to do next year. The driver never does so until he has a contract in his pocket. But it’s clear that he already knows where he’s heading for this sport.

His fascinating blend of fascinating self-confidence and rookie innocence believes in the fact that not only did he destroy this year’s competition, but everything was part of a more grand plan. If you want to see the button work and avoid paying a fortune for it, he won’t hang around, so you have to do it quickly.

This view is widely retained within the TOCA package. In fact, when he was a formidable cart star, insiders were talking about him long before he set foot in the car.

Jenson Button, 1998

Despite the media hype that launched him as a talent and opposition target, the driver isn’t upset. “I don’t know if there really is so much hype,” he says.

“I’m a racing driver. That’s what I do and you have to work hard. If you work in the office you have to do the same.” Some offices.

He is equally modest about his achievements in 1998. Mention him about his first year festival and championship victory. It can be said that he has answered this kind of question before. It’s very rare to be a British champion in the first year, but I was with the best team and worked hard to get it done. “

Some say he was in the best car too. “The first half of the season when Van Diemen had some problems was very good,” he says. “As you can see at the festival, they caught us through some very hard work. They were almost equal to us, but Mygale succeeded and we could win. It’s done. “

It may be a bit unfair to be about the same. Marcos Ambrose was in the lead until the 18th lap of the final. Dan Wheldon’s sister, Duckham’s van Diemen, was right behind him while Button was in orbit on his wheels.

It was at this point that Button really had to fight. “The whole race was very fair,” he says. “I was very surprised. When I was with some of the drivers behind me, I thought I was actually kicked out of the circuit pretty quickly.”

In fact, it was Ambrose who played after colliding with Button in one of the closest finals in festival history. “I went down inside the Thirties,” says the Mygale driver. “He left the door wide open. I went into the inner gap and he turned around.

Jenson Button driving a Haywood Racing Mygale SJ98

Jenson Button driving a Haywood Racing Mygale SJ98

“But I didn’t want to be second in the festival, so Ambrose did the obvious right thing. There’s nothing to win in this race, so all you can do is do your best.”

If part of his repertoire has been questioned this season, it’s his ability to fight in traffic. I wasn’t used to driving Formula Ford. This is my first year and I have never experienced it before.

“In the last few races I’ve been much better and a little more aggressive. Not so many, but enough and now proven to work.”

Formula 3 in the UK said in 1999 that it was the place he wanted, going through different slick tire categories was a waste of time and it was easy and good to learn where the action was. increase.

“I would like to win it in my first year. It will be a little more difficult as it is a big step up, but it is very technical and you can learn more there.”

Button knows what he wants and it’s hard to predict the fate of a driver just a year after many things can happen in his career, but he’s likely to get it. It seems. And more and more people believe it.

Button celebrates his festival victory with the first question

Button celebrates his festival victory with the first question

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How Button Achieved a Rare Formula Ford Achievement How Button Achieved a Rare Formula Ford Achievement

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