How cloud computing wants to change the way games are played

Towards the end of the year, as tech makers and game developers try to get the end of their 2020 budget, gamers really have no choice as to how to play their favorite games. The two new consoles from game giants Sony and Microsoft each have great hype and expectations, but there are other areas of the game that are often overlooked, as we know. May change the big picture of the game. We’re talking about cloud computing, especially game streaming services.

This article describes what cloud gaming is, how everyday gamers can benefit from cloud-based games, and the types of services available to cloud gamers.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of on-demand computing services over the Internet (also known as the cloud). In layman’s terms, cloud computing lets less computing machines perform functions that are normally only possible on expensive top-end machines. Services currently available through cloud computing include data storage, networking, databases, servers, and software.

How Does Cloud Computing Benefit Gamers?

When it comes to games, one of the biggest costs of a hobby is the hardware to run the game. On Amazon’s new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X page[購入]Whether you’re a console gamer with a click or a PC player building your own rig, hardware is the biggest waste of your gaming budget. This is because modern games often require gamers to update their hardware to keep up with the technology.

The current generation consoles, games created for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X, will not run at all on older units. Similarly, the hardware needed to run a new PC game is much more powerful and expensive than the hardware needed to run a game created two years ago. However, with cloud computing, you can play almost any game on just a machine that can launch the platform you want to play.

The best news about these types of technologies is that the platform is easy to implement and use, so you can launch and play brand new triples without the need for expert assistance from corporate network engineers such as Integrated Computer Services. You can do it. -game.

So what are the main options for gamers looking to enter the cloud-based gaming arena?

Google Stadia

Almost a year after the launch of the Google Stadia platform, which was supposed to usher in a new era of games, the review looks like this: Google Stadia couldn’t cut it in the form of a launch. The service was overwhelming, to say the least, with the choice of fairly expensive price tags and a limited number of games for the only controller available on the platform at launch. Fortunately, everyone with a Gmail account can now use the basic services for free, but with some limitations. After registering for the service, you will receive Stadia Pro for free for 2 months to test the top tier packages. In addition, Google Stadia now supports a variety of controllers, so gamers looking to test their services don’t have to fork expensive first-party controllers to launch the platform. One of the major drawbacks of this service is that it currently only works over Wi-Fi, allowing gamers with no access to the high-speed internet to say goodbye to their game dreams.

GeForce Now

Another major player in the cloud gaming world is GeForce Now. Created by hardware expert Nvidia, the GeForce Now platform is marketed as a service that can turn your desktop PC, laptop, Mac, SHIELD TV, or Android device into a gamer’s dream machine. Unlike Google Stadia, GeForce Now can be used on wired networks. The downside is that free users can only access the game for an hour at a time, and paid users always take precedence over free users. This means that if the server is busy, free players will need to be queued to play the game.

Cloud gaming has the potential to change the outlook for games, but technology hasn’t caught up yet. Cloud gaming could take over the gaming world as high-speed Wi-Fi Internet becomes accessible from anywhere and more platforms are created to drive innovation. But for now, traditional hardware-based games don’t go anywhere.

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Alice Cervantes

How Cloud Computing Wants to Change the Way We Play Games

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