How Diablo 4 modifies itemization, including myth removal

Diablo 4 was unveiled at BlizzCon 2019, but since then the details of the long-awaited sequel have diminished considerably. Over the past few months, Blizzard has revealed fragments of the game’s design. And now, blog posts from developers show some of the major changes to the game’s itemization system, which is probably the core of the Diablo experience.

According to the blog post, perhaps the biggest change to the itemization system is the removal of the mythical tier loot. Instead, they are replaced with Uniques, which is Diablo’s term for properties and bonuses on items in the game, items that always appear with the same “affix”.

Diablo 4 allows you to add the most powerful normal affixes to magical (blue) items. You can have up to 5 rare (yellow) items, but legendary (orange) items are randomly rolled with 4 regular affixes and 1 “legendary” affix. The legendary affix is ​​rolled randomly. This is a major change in the series.

These changes are aimed at not always ignoring non-legendary loot, as lead game designer Joe Shelley said.[W]I don’t want to go where it’s the right decision to ignore all items without the glowing orange sky light. The mythical gear is “[not have] The quality of the item that disables everything else. “

Other parts of the blog post touch on fan feedback on previous entries, especially when it comes to skill trees. Blizzard states that the ability to “redesignate” skills is “difficult to balance”, but Diablo 4 players have the option to redesignate skills and passives for a fee. The price will increase as you level up.

Blizzard also states that the type of weapon in the game is fairly important, introducing weapon speed and “unique traits”. For example, a two-handed weapon does more damage, but a one-handed weapon can attack faster. Unique characteristics are consistent for all items of the same type and are intended to be physical attributes associated with items of that type and cannot be changed. “You can really feel the difference between them,” Sherry said.


Another area touched on is where the power of the character comes from. You can earn points by leveling up and distributing among strength, agility, intelligence, and willpower, rather than relying heavily on items. Your class may decide which one you prefer, but you still have the freedom to upgrade in the direction you want. Then, reaching a certain threshold in these stats unlocks the bonus effect in the skill tree. For example, 140 Willpower’s Sorceress activates an Ice Blades skill upgrade to deal additional damage to frozen enemies. Or, for a barbarian who has achieved 150 agility, Whirlwind grants a movement speed bonus for longer use.

The release date for Diablo 4 has not yet been announced. However, BlizzCon 2021 will be released in February and will be available to everyone for free, so we’ll let you know the details by then. For more information, check out the details Blizzard shared in Diablo 4’s improved skill tree in September.

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