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Virginia news reporter Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot dead by a former colleague in August 2015 during a CBS Roanoke report. The meaningless murder was brutally recorded live on television for viewers to witness.

Currently, Alison Parker’s family is asking the Federal Trade Commission to take action against Facebook for not deleting her shooting and death videos. Her father, Andy Parker, says Facebook violates its own terms of service by hosting a video praising violence.

Allison Parker’s aired murder

Allison Parker and Adam Ward were employees of the CBS-affiliated WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia. On August 26, 2015, the reporter and cameraman was scheduled to interview Vicki Gardner, executive director of the local chamber of commerce.

In Vester Lee Flanagan’s first-person shooter, we call Alison “b ** ch” before shooting it for the first time. Both Ward and Gardner were shot shortly thereafter. A bitter footage of Adam Ward’s camera that fell to the ground was captured by the WDBJ station before the news stream was cut into the studio.

At least eight bullets were heard in the footage, followed by a scream. They will later discover that he has shot a total of 15 times. Flanagan escaped from the scene, He has his gun It was taken up in the news.

Both Adam Ward and Allison Parker have died on the scene. Still, Gardner managed to survive the attack after receiving medical assistance. After police chase of Flanagan continued all day, he eventually claimed his life before being captured.

Vester Lee Flanagan seems to have been angry after being fired from the WDBJ News Station.Many believe this is his motive Revenge for his murder.. He was dismissed on February 1, 2013 due to unstable behavior.

Proceedings against Facebook

Video footage of the shoot (some shot by the shooter) will continue to appear on Facebook and Instagram, despite promises to be removed from the top executives. Say a complaint has been filed According to Parker and a lawyer at the Georgetown Law and Civil Rights Clinic.

“In reality, Facebook and Instagram are responsible for cracking down on graphic content for victims and their families, and they need to relive the worst moments over and over again to curb the proliferation of these videos. There is a complaint, “said the complaint.

Complaints allege that Facebook violates its own terms of use and is involved in deceptive trading practices by misrepresenting the security of the platform and how difficult it is for users to remove dangerous content. doing.

Andy Parker has previously worked with Georgetown Law Clinic to file similar FTC complaints against Google and its YouTube service. FTC usually does not reveal whether it has been decided Investigate complaints..

Victim’s father remembers her life

2019, Andy Parker Wrote a book Called For Alison To honor his daughter.

“I wanted people to know Alison’s history, her achievements, and the little things she did that people didn’t know. That is, viewers around here saw her every day. They. Saw her smile, but there are many more, “Parker told WDBJ before the book was released.

“I wanted people to know about the Emmy Awards she won, the Edward R Murrow she won, and how she touched people. A story I heard after that, I didn’t know. The kindness she did and the mentoring she did. There were quite a few of those stories I wanted to share with my readers. ”

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Did you know about the killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward? Is Facebook responsible for the content uploaded to that site? Please let us know in the comments below.

How did Allison Parker die from this television shoot? – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/parker-shooting/ How did Allison Parker die from this television shoot? – Film Daily

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