How does Loki connect to Doctor Strange 2?The writer teases the lid-the end of blowing

We are just two episodes of the new series, Loki, And already fans have speculated how the use of show time manipulation, the Multiverse, and the use of different times from the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will affect the future of the MCU. With all this in mind, headwriter Michael Waldron spoke to ComicBook.com, explaining that the series is an independent story in its own right, but most certainly its predecessor. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.. Given that we’ve heard of the Multiverse already mentioned and the madness that can be caused by the runaway of the Multiverse, I think few people don’t see the connection.

First episode of Loki Inadvertently when the Avengers tried to win the Infinity Stone Avengers Assemble Loki’s version allows him to escape detention and seems to be his fateful path to his final death at the hands of Thanos. But it soon became clear that things would never be so clear, detailing how the MCU’s timeline was controlled by the power to use infinite stones as a paperweight. The explanation was received immediately.

Relation: According to the director, the Loki Season Finale is complete

By the end of the episode, we know more about the possibilities Marvel Cinematic Universe How the timeline and anomalies are suppressed, the multiverse and the types of catastrophic wars it can bring, and other small pieces of information that will undoubtedly develop further in the future. According to Waldron, this has been a plan almost all the time, and in writing the series he wanted to solve some of the time travel questions posed by. Endgame And we will make it as strict as possible for scrutiny from fans.

“I think everyone has a better idea about it when they are on the other side of it.” Michael waldron Said in connection with Doctor Strange 2 Connections and scripts are also by Waldron. “Our responsibility and goal was to tell a complete and thrilling story from the beginning. By the end, we know what we’ve blown away.”

“From day one, I thought,’Hey, this should be as important as a movie.’ There is an upper limit to our imagination, or what we can do, or what we can’t do because of it. There was not Disney +“Waldron continued. “As far as we are concerned, we were talking about the next most important chapter of the MCU, which means,” Yes, let’s put the Infinity Stone there. ” “

In a previous interview, Walden revealed that the series will have an impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. This is similar to both of the previous Marvel Disney + series. WandavisionIntroducing the scarlet witch who transformed in preparation for her, telling her own story Doctor Strange 2 role, Falcon & Winter Soldier As Sam Wilson was pretty predictable from the beginning captain America Permanently.What purpose Loki It has not yet been seen to have helped by the end of its execution. Once that’s done, we can guarantee that expectations for the next slate of the Phase 4 Marvel movie will rise again.New episode Loki Drop on Disney + on Wednesday.This news is ComicBook.com..

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How does Loki connect to Doctor Strange 2?The writer teases the lid-the end of blowing

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