How Erika Jayne’s show comments are used against her

Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy lawyer seems to be using comments on Erika Jayne’s Beverly Hills Real House Wives.

The lawyer involved in Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy proceedings appears to be using Erika Jayne’s comments. Beverly Hills real housewife Against her. In a video clip shared on Twitter, lawyers comment on Erica’s past RHOBH A reunion when she was asked about Tom defaulting on a $ 15 million loan. At that time, Erica responded that seemed to hint at Tom’s knowledge of the imminent legal issues. If true, it goes against Bravostar’s current defense of being kept dark about her husband’s commerce.

Erica is soaking in hot water for a 20-year guilty relationship with her husband. Despite applying for divorce in November 2020, Erica said the application was “fake“To keep her money safe. The” Pretty Mes “singer has also been accused of helping. Tom hides with money He is said to ow to clients, business partners, and lenders. At the end of Season 13, Erica continues to be attacked by viewers who question their innocence. Now it seems that her old comments about the show are being used for her.

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Over the weekend, a lawyer investigating Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy proceedings went to Twitter. Beverly Hills real housewife A reunion show where Erica was placed on the spot about her husband’s misconduct. “”This is an example of a previous video that refutes the claim of complete lack of knowledge. “ Ronald Richards said in a tweet (see below).In the clip, Andy Cohen mentioned a viewer who accused the housewife of: “Erica and Lisa Rinna”Strategically“” Focus on Denise Richards scandal with Brandi Glanville “Be able to fill in some of the negative stories that surround you.” He then read aloud the comments submitted by fans who blow up Erica and her husband. “Erica is happy to talk about Lisa Vanderpump all day long, but if Tom defaults to a $ 15 million loan, she won’t say a word.”

Erica made her reaction short and sweet. “How about this? Settled and they apologized,“She equipped. Alas, according to Richards, this proves Erica had.”knowledge“Tom’s alleged fraud. The lawyer also shared a link to We weekly Article revealing his plans to move out Erica and some of her co-stars.. “There are a lot of inconsistent statements and confessions by unscripted actors that we have put together for use in court.Richards explained. He also mentioned his plans to talk to people who worked for reality stars.

At the show, Erica said her divorce was “fake“To prevent debtors from chasing their money. She even claimed that she knew she was spending time with other women when she remembered a car accident in the past. .But Beverly Hills real housewife Viewers find it difficult to believe Erica’s claim. She has dealt with critics, trolls, and bitter lawyers who don’t mind going to Twitter and blasting her.

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sauce: Ronald Richards on Twitter, We weekly

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How Erika Jayne’s show comments are used against her

https://screenrant.com/real-housewives-beverly-hills-erika-jayne-fan-comments/ How Erika Jayne’s show comments are used against her

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