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How ESET’s efforts at SafetyNet® can help protect children online

ESET and the San Diego Police Foundation have been working together for over a decade to keep children safe from online threats.

“Children are the most valuable resource in the world and the greatest hope for the future,” said John F. Kennedy, one of the most famous presidents of the United States. This is one of the main reasons we must provide the tools we need to protect them and make tomorrow better and brighter.

Even decades later, JFK’s words are still true. ESET recognizes the need to prepare children, especially digital children, for the future.Over the years, many of our activities, including the most common tasks, are done via devices connected to the Internet, and children are spending more and more time. Glue to their screen..

ESET has been working with the San Diego Police Museum (SDPF) for over a decade to protect and ultimately be responsible for teaching children proper cybersecurity habits and how to secure them online. I am trying to grow into a certain netizen. These efforts Supporting valuable causes We adhere to the core values ​​of courage, honesty, credibility and passion.

ESET’s cooperation with the San Diego Police Foundation in 2011 Call All Parents: Keep Your Child Safe Online A very successful media campaign.Since then, mainly SafetyNet: Smart Cyber ​​Choices® The program was developed with the help of the Internet Crime Task Force on Children.

This program aims to educate children, parents, teachers and community groups about the importance of cybersecurity and the risks children face online. Cyberbullying And fraud Online predator lurking in the shadows..

This approach is multifaceted and exposes children to the risks of online communication, such as how to find online scams and bullying, how to protect data with strong passwords, how to avoid over-sharing life details, and how to remind children. Helps us better understand and evaluate. If something goes wrong, they should confide in their parents, teachers, or other trusted adults.

Parents, on the other hand, have access to resources that explain how the different social media platforms that children can access through their devices work, and what different risks their children represent. There are also tips and tricks on how parents can raise their kids in the digital age by setting boundaries and getting an overview of what their kids are doing online.

As the largest Internet safety provider in the San Diego region, SafetyNet® has been able to train more than 240,000 students and 9,000 educators on proper cyber hygiene practices. The program is tailored to the needs of middle school students, but with ESET funding, SDPF is creating new learning materials and expanding the program to target young children as well.

Most schools due to the pandemic Switch to remote learning mode, And kids spend more time online than usual. It is more important than ever that SafetyNet® is available to everyone. So, with our help, we were able to move the project to virtual space, and we are proud to provide everyone with training on how to deal with the increased screen time and associated risks. I will.

Our mission to help educate and protect children on the Internet goes beyond working with SafetyNet®. Many of us at ESET are parents and we know that catching up with the evolving online world can be a daunting task, so we bring all the best advice and resources in one place. I made it. Safer Kids Online.. Here, both parents and teachers will find the guides and articles they need to help their children navigate the waters of the digital world in a safe and secure way.

How ESET’s efforts at SafetyNet® can help protect children online How ESET’s efforts at SafetyNet® can help protect children online

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