How Final Fantasy Origins Garland and Chaos refer to the original Famicom game

The main characters we see origin Trailers are our light warriors for this adventure and they also appear to be the same characters introduced in the original Final Fantasy game.So there are still elements originWe know that the plot, which remains somewhat frustratingly unexplained, at least includes the Warrior of Light, the hero of your everyday destiny.

Garland was the first Final Fantasy adversary

by Final Fantasy(Surely sometimes thin), Garland was once the most famous knight in the Kingdom of Cornelia. Unfortunately for the kingdom, Garland has been corrupted by internal and external forces. Shortly thereafter, he kidnapped Princess Sarah and fled to the Chaos Shrine (more on this later). And I decided to take the kingdom hostage.

Interestingly, players actually “defeat” Garland quite early on. Final Fantasy adventure. However, it soon became apparent that Garland was not completely dead and not only played a major role in evolution, but was actually able to survive with the help of the entity. Final Fantasy It’s a game, but it obviously plays a big role The origin of FINAL FANTASY.

Why do everyone shout “chaos” in the FINAL FANTASY Origin trailer?

According to a friend of PC Gamer, the word “chaos” is Origin of FINAL FANTASYThe first trailer of. There’s a lot to say about the word being used in the trailer and how cheerful the whole thing is unintentionally, but for now, let’s focus on the meaning of the relevant word. .. Origin of FINAL FANTASYMyth.

In the original Final Fantasy, Chaos is a demonic person / evil being, and many consider it a typical big bad Final Fantasy game. When Garland is first defeated at the Chaotic Shrine, he is brought back in time by the four demons of Chaos. By the time our hero confronts him in the past, he reveals that chaos has created a sort of time paradox that allows him to live forever. He can even transform into the physical form of chaos to fight our heroes, but they eventually defeat him and transform Garland’s human form into the now modified current timeline. It seems to restore.

So why everyone keeps saying “chaos” Origin of FINAL FANTASY The trailer is that the word refers to both of the original’s biggest bad things Final Fantasy And a grander idea of ​​the balance of good, evil, and everything in the universe.

How Final Fantasy Origins Garland and Chaos refer to the original Famicom game

https://www.denofgeek.com/games/final-fantasy-origin-garland-chaos-trailer-references-nes-explained/ How Final Fantasy Origins Garland and Chaos refer to the original Famicom game

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