How Flux Builds on The Timeless Children’s Twist

This article contains spoilers Doctor Who Season 13, Episode 1.

Doctor Who Season 13 is built on the timeless children’s retcon, and doctors are trying to learn the truth behind a secret timelord group known as the Division. As showrunner Chris Chibnall promised Doctor Who: Flux Episode 1 has already begun in the middle of an adventure with Doctor and Yaz.Doctors tracked down an alien named Calvanista, but just discovering his race, Lupari was apparently trying to invade Earth in a kick-off episode. Doctor Who Season 13.

Yaz and the doctor have been adventuring together for quite some time since then Doctor Who Holiday special Ryan and Graham leave Dr. TardisApparently, the doctor has kept a secret. She didn’t say why she wanted to confront Calvanista. She sent Yaz to Dan, who released Yaz, when two travelers arrived at Calvanista’s ship, even when they were about to be killed in a crazy trap on the first attempt. I talked to Calvanista alone.It turns out that there is a doctor on the trail of the division, a secret time lord group introduced in Doctor Who Season 12, and she believes Calvanista is their last surviving agent.

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Doctor Who Season 12 The Timeless Children’s Twist It turned out to be quite divided among the audience. Since then, there has been fierce speculation about whether Chibunal will build on it in Season 13 or simply avoid referencing it. It’s clear that the show is trying to do the former, as the division is active. Everything known about the department so far is here.

A description of the department’s relationship with the timeless children

Time Lord has traditionally been shown to pursue strict non-intervention policies and monitor the universe as a ruthless observer. However, this was not always the case. In the early days of Time Lord civilization, Rassilon led them in wars across space, and they were responsible for endangering races such as the Great Vampires and Lakunos. However, Time Lord has learned harsh lessons when the gift of scientific progress has led to the destruction of the world, and has vowed to withdraw from the rest of the universe so that their technology is not abused again.

Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 10 Time Lord secretly set up a department, A group whose existence is not open to the public and whose history is edited from The Matrix. This division was created to understand that Time Lord officially retains a non-intervention policy, but may threaten Gallifrey’s interests. The Timeless Children’s Retocon means that the incarnation of the doctor before William Hartnell worked in the division.Certainly, the department may have continued to use the doctor in the classics Doctor Who Similarly, the department is so similar to the classic series of celestial intervention agencies that it has the same philosophy and is a gloomy conspirator who has forced doctors to work for them many times.

Doctor’s time travel adventure meant she had previously encountered a division.of Doctor Who In Season 12, Episode 5, Dr. encounters another mysterious incarnation of her own, played by Joe Martin. Doctor WhoForgotten doctor.. This forgotten doctor, who worked in the division, chose to use the chameleon arch to disguise her identity and leave them to hide on Earth for some time. She was chased by a division that hired Judoon to hunt her down. Ironically, Judoon finally recognized that the forgotten doctor and Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth doctor were the same person, and they called the thirteenth doctor “Crime against the department“Instead.

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Why doctors are pursuing departments

Doctors clearly believe that the division’s agents may retain knowledge of her timeless child’s origins. Unfortunately, The destruction of Gallifrey by the master This means that all time lords involved in the division are probably dead. Still, she was able to identify past division operatives in exactly the same way, but most of them are actually dead. Calvanista is the last surviving division agent identified by the doctor and hopes he can speak to her enough to understand some of the division’s secrets. After all, if their records weren’t stored in The Matrix, they were probably stored elsewhere. In other words, a secret division base may be hidden somewhere in time and space.

Doctor Who However, Season 13, Episode 1 suggests that it is wrong for doctors to believe Calvanista to be the last of the division.Villain Doctor Who: Flux It looks like a creature named Swarm. He fought the doctor across space and time, but was defeated and imprisoned at the dawn of the universe itself. Division agents continued to monitor the swarm and said, “Burnish Drage Battlefield Wreckage,“But he was waiting for the moment to release himself and consume the essence of their lives. When the swarm was released, a mysterious phenomenon called flux began to tear across time and space, threatening. increase Jacob Anderson’s Binder, Space Station Operations Outpost The person assigned to Rose. Winder’s clothing features Judoon-like markings, and he may also be a division agent.

Doctor Who is a timeless children’s legacy of Season 13

The Timeless Children's Vision

Far from ignoring Timeless children retcon, after that, Doctor Who Season 13 is certainly based on that. Doctors are looking for a group of timeless children and one who may know more about the pre-William Hartnell history of doctors. She found traces of the division enough to identify many operatives, even one still alive, but realized that their operations were still ongoing, even after Gallifrey was destroyed. not. The escape of Swarm from prison means that the division eventually failed. But the flux he released threatens the entire universe, and potentially all space and time. Division operatives like Karvanista and (probably) Vinder need to work with Doctor to stop Swarm. That means answering her questions and giving more clues about Timeless Child.Meanwhile, Joe Martin’s forgotten doctor may come back-and she may have memories of Swarm and is helping. 13th doctor To beat him.

Doctor Who: Flux Since the episode is only six episodes long, it is doubtful that the story that began when Chris Chibnall revealed that he was a timeless child would be complete.Rather, this may be useful for setup instead Doctor WhoThree 2022 specials bring this ongoing story to life. It is not yet known what role the division will play in this. Are they allies, a means to an end, or an obstacle that doctors must overcome?

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Doctor Who We will release new episodes on BBC and BBC America on Sunday.

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