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The Hungarian Grand Prix created one of the strangest sights of the season. At this time, only one car appeared on the grid and recovered.

Not since notorious 2005 United States Grand PrixOnly six drivers started the race, but very few cars appeared on the grid.

Lewis Hamilton He was the only driver to restart from the grid as his 14 rivals headed to the pits instead of changing tires.

After the race, Hamilton said, “It’s crazy to think we’re the only ones on the grid.” However, as explained by FIA Formula 1 Race Director Michael Masi, an even more bizarre situation could occur. I was able to get off to a good start without a car on the grid.

Two things would have happened if Hamilton had been stripped into the pits with his rivals. First, he probably cruised for victory rather than abandoning his way to third place.

Second, as Mashi explained, when the field arrived in the pits, the signal to resume the race should have begun.

Hamilton headed to turn one himself

“that is [usual] Christian to start the procedure [Bryll] When the last car enters the pit lane, the start light will be activated. When the start light is activated, the five red lights, the red lights go out, and the red lights go out, the pit exit opens. “

The arrival of the last car in the pit would have triggered the start procedure. “In effect, the race hasn’t restarted until that point, from our point of view. That’s the point to judge everything.”

Mashi, who worked on various other series before becoming F1 Race Director in 2019, couldn’t believe what he was seeing because only one car arrived to get off to a good start. I admitted.

“I saw Esteban after Lewis crossed the safety car line. [Ocon] I dived quite late … I’ve never dived before. “

“one [car] Due to the reboot, yes, it was a little different, “he added.

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How Formula 1 handled a restart without a car-RaceFans How Formula 1 handled a restart without a car-RaceFans

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