How Loki evolved from a Marvel villain to a chaos agent

Debuted in Journey into Mystery # 85 in 1962, and over the years, Thor’s deceptive brother Marvel version is responsible for the villains from simply making life difficult to the complete annihilation of Asgard. had. The mischievous god Loki has become an evil god.

But in time, thanks to a little influence from his heroic brothers, Loki became an agent of chaos rather than evil. From Supervillains to Young Avengers, Asgard Agents, and Sorcerer Supreme, Loki’s cartoon journey was unpredictable.

Do Disney + series Loki share a similar fate? Thor’s Loki: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War hinted that this might be the case. Or is there another story to tell in the Tom Hiddleston series?

Draw Loki’s path in comics from villains to antiheroes and think about where his journey on the MCU will take him next.

Lady Loki: Goddess of Naughty

Loki’s change of mind finally began: Ragnarok destroyed Asgard and all its inhabitants. Shortly after Marvel’s first civil war, Thor returned from death with a remarkable run by J. Michael Strazinski. What is his new purpose? Rebuild Asgard and revive the fallen Asgard who are hiding in the souls of the mortals. Thor # 5 (Volume 3, 2007) saw the resurrection of a mischievous god, but this time as a woman.

She said Loki saw her resurrection as a new start as she was no longer bound by the fate of bringing Ragnarok. Thor agreed to give Loki a chance. However, Loki would not have been Loki if no operational tactics had already been taken. She later revealed that she had hijacked Lady Schiff’s body in order to keep Thor out of alert. She disagrees with Asgard, expels Thor, and Loki eventually returns to her original form.

Asgard Defender (Sort)

Eventually, Loki’s plans extended to manipulating Norman Osborn and his huge ally to attack the rebuilt Asgard. The shining city has collapsed. His plans were finally revealed and Loki was banished, but the mischievous god declared he had no intention of ruining his home.

“I only meant to rule as great as Asgard did in the past,” he lamented in Siege # 4 (2009). As a result, Loki helped Thor and the Avengers to change the course of the battle. He used his last words to apologize to Thor and died in the hands of a demon entity known as Void.

Kid Loki

Loki was reborn on Earth at an early age, and Thor took him back to Asgard. There Kid Loki met his previous self-echo, explaining that he sought his own death from across the tomb as part of the plan. Child Loki refused to play any role in his plan.

Kid Loki uses his wisdom and his newly discovered (but carefully hidden) compassion to trick the rulers of hell, Mephistopheles and Spatula, into an alliance with the invading god of fear of Asgard. I tied it. He gathered his team and infiltrated the realm of the God of Terror as the culmination of his cunning plans. Loki rewrote the past and changed the fate of the god of horror so that Thor had a chance to beat him. Thor died in battle, but the god of fear was defeated.

Meanwhile, Loki’s former self moved Mephisto to make his own plans. The only way to stop the Demon King was for Kid Loki to give life to Elder Loki. The selfless child paid the price, and Elder Loki revived in Kid Loki’s body.

Young Avenger

Marvel NOW! I took Loki adolescent to Young Avengers. Loki joined the young hero in the fight against parasites between dimensions, but it’s not that one of his selfish plans wasn’t working. The goal of the young god was to manipulate the reality-distorting Wicca (the son of a scarlet witch). Wicca used magic to age Loki and regain access to his power.

Now a teenage mischievous god, he realized that his own conscience was the real reason for his lack of power. He confessed to Young Avengers about his hand in Kid Loki’s death and how he planned to rule Wiccan and his power. His admission eased his guilt and his magic was fully restored.

Loki left the team when the interdimensional threat was defeated. He liked Young Avengers but didn’t feel they deserved forgiveness.

Asgard agent

Loki was ready to pave his way and longed to be free from the evil past. He became an agent under the supervision of Allmother, a diarchy that dominates the territory in the absence of Odin. In return for each successful mission, Allmother wiped out the ancient story of his crimes from Asgard’s memory.

But the evil and powerful old Loki strangely returned to the plan again. This time around for this younger version of himself. Through his tactics, Thor learned the horrifying truth of what happened to Kid Loki. Furious, Thor took his younger brother to Asgard and made a judgment, where he was shunned and banished.

The older Loki revealed that he could not escape the title of the god of lies, was never accepted, and was an untrusted future Loki. He returned to his malicious way and tried to use his young self to defeat Asgard. But now Loki refuses to make this his fate. He realized that the god of lies was also the god of the story. He decided to tell a new story instead.

Sorcerer Supreme?

After choosing that new fate, Loki was reborn again. He stopped his future self from destroying Asgard, and returned as another version of himself after the end of the secret war that changed reality.

“I lived and died hundreds of times,” he said in vote Loki # 1, “re-spoken some versions of what Loki is.” The Loki wanted to run for president simply because of the entertaining value of the volatile campaign (he also claimed to help young reporters find her call, which is controversial. is there).

He is never called President Loki, but he is given another title: Sorcerer Supreme. In Doctor Strange # 381 in 2015, Vishanti bestowed the mantle on the Asgard god, even though Stephen Strange was the winner of a recent magical tournament. They recognized the Atonement of Loki’s heart and believed that God, not the mortal, could best protect the planet from the coming threat.

As always, despite Loki taking his job as a protector of the planet seriously, his reputation was distrustful. He fulfilled his duty, fought Strange, and defeated Void, the same demon entity that once killed him. Later, Loki revealed that Vishanti’s edict had always been one of his tricks. He wanted to teach Stephen how to break the rules, he convinced him, but his true motive was unclear. Loki returned the Sorcerer Supreme cloak and cloak to Dr. Strange.

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Realm Warrior

All the trials and hardships of the Asgards in recent years have led to one serious battle, the War of the Kingdom (2019). After defeating nine territories, the dark elf Marekis turned to conquer the last standing Earth. With him, there was a horde of monsters finishing their jobs, including Laufey, King of the Frost Giants and Loki’s father. Loki protected his mother Freyja from attacks until Laufey ate up his son. Loki is gone.

When the war to destroy the territory was finally nearing its end, Earth heroes gathered for the last stand against the Frost Giants. Loki escaped from his father’s stomach, killing the relentless king and ending the battle. Loki has been reborn — this time as a hero.

What story does the god of the story tell next? And will any of these story points appear in the Disney + Loki series? Discuss your thoughts in the comments!

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