How long is Dying Light 2 actually?

Some of Techland’s recent tweets on Twitter about how long the story is in Dying Light 2 have confused some fans, but it’s not as long as it looks.

After a recent tweet from Techland Dying Light 2 Fans were skeptical about the length of the story and content for the next title. The upcoming open world zombie parkour game will be announced at E3 2018 with a release date set in the spring of 2020. However, due to many problems and setbacks during the development process, Dying Light 2 Currently, the release date is February 4, 2022, which has been postponed indefinitely.

During the development period Dying Light 2 The Twitter page contains information about games, videos, and screenshots with titles that raise fan expectations. Techland says,Dying 2 KnowThis allowed people to learn more about the game from the development team itself.Since the first release Dying of the light In 2015, post-launch content increased, and Switch was finally released at the end of last year. this is, Dying Light 2 A story revealed in multiple trailers..

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January 8th, Dying of the light The Twitter page has sent an infographic showing that it will take at least 500 hours to complete the game. Given no further context, fans believed that the statement meant that it would take that long to complete all the major missions of the game, leading to a bit more confusion. Many were concerned and problematic with statistics because they seemed untrue because they were so far away.

Dying Light 2 is not as long as it looks

Two days after the first tweet, Techland’s team sent another follow-up tweet that clarified information to calm people. A new infographic was provided that decomposed the previously mentioned 500 hours. Players take 20 hours to complete the main story, 80 hours to complete both the main story and side quests, and 500 hours to complete everything 100%.This will be easy Dying Light 2 Ambitious gameHowever, this is not the method that some may have initially thought of.

Fans frightened by the 500 hour numbers don’t have to worry about having to do everything if they’re reluctant or completing the 500 hour completely solo. Dying Light 2 It can be completed by co-op play with 4 players. It was also recently announced that all players in the session can vote on key decisions that will also affect the development of the story. “Dying 2 KnowepisodeIt was even stated that all players in the session would maintain the progress of all items and characters earned in cooperation.

After a backlash from the tweet, the fever has subsided and everything on the team’s Twitter page seems to be back in business as usual.As one of The most anticipated game of 2022, Dying Light 2 It is understandable to raise quite a few concerns and questions. In the coming weeks, fans can expect more story-related gameplay footage and trailers. Players must wait within a month to return to the world of Zombie Parkour.

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How long is Dying Light 2 actually?

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