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How lowcode can help big companies like Mondelēz

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Meaning of growth Low code and no code platform — A platform that allows users to create apps without programming knowledge — is profound. By 2024, low-code app development will be responsible for more than 65% of all app development activities. according to For Gartner.In addition, the company Predict Seventy-five percent of companies plan to use at least four low-code development tools for their IT app development and “citizen development” initiatives within the next three years.

Jinen Dedhia agrees with the assessment.He is the co-founder of Drona HQA low-code toolset designed to help companies build internal tools and business apps on top of data sources. Founded in 2007, Drona HQ offers visual tools, code editors, pre-built templates, configurable workflows, and apps for product managers, IT teams, and others without learning a programming language. Allows you to deploy.

“One of the most influential things I’ve seen [low- and no-code] Space means that many large companies have legacy applications and are increasingly considering digitizing the customer experience, “Dedhia said in a 2021 session at VentureBeat. Low Code / No Code Summit.. “And this is becoming one of the sweet spots for low code to make a big impact.”

Dedhia came up with the idea for Drona HQ with Divyesh Kharade while working for Wipro Technologies, an IT consulting services company based in India. Originally a smartphone-based tutoring and skill-up portal, DronaHQ evolved into a low-code development platform in 2019, announcing web-based tools for business process automation, data collection, and dashboard creation. bottom.

With approximately 100 employees, DronaHQ currently serves customers developing apps such as project and time management, refunds, performance reviews and ratings, order acquisition, and sales leaderboards. .. “One of the things that low code really works for is converting the UI and front-end apps in a very seamless way,” says Dedhia. “This is where I feel that lowcode can help customers do things 10 times faster.”

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Dedhia divides the low code space into several subcategories. Tools for (1) full stack apps, (2) backend apps, (3) frontend apps, and (4) automation. DronaHQ sits at the crossroads of these subcategories, connecting existing databases and APIs to help customers launch low-code solutions for the web and mobile, Dedhia said.

“If you’re considering implementing everything in low-code and no-code, I think it’s important for large companies to understand the capabilities of the tools they have,” Dedia continues. .. “And it’s good to understand the features that tools bring to your table and make sure you’re choosing the right tool.”

Notable Drona HQ clients Mondelez International, Oreo, Ritz, Trident, Chips Ahoy, Cadbury and one of the largest snack companies in the world. With a network of tens of thousands of third-party salespeople, DronaHQ gives salespeople “timely” access to personalized information, according to Andrew, Mondelez’s global solution owner. I was able to implement a low code tool to do this. Scott.

“It’s not a secret … selling as a feature is a high-selling business. Often you’re taking someone to an organization and they’re gone by the time they’re trained.” Scott said in the panel. “So we need to keep our trading tools as up-to-date and accessible as possible. [T]His old way took time [and] Considerable investment.But where we really enjoyed success [with low-code] teeth [that] Now you can turn an idea into a real one in 5 weeks. This is great for us. “

Indeed, recent out systems Research We found that the number one reason most IT leaders chose a low-code platform was the acceleration of digital transformation, with 69% focusing on completing their digital transformation work. In another survey, 82% Some companies say that developing custom apps other than IT is important.And McKinsey Insist After data science, IT is the second largest area for companies to address potential skill gaps in low-code and no-code.

According to Scott, Mondelez currently has 22,000 users on the Drona HQ platform, many of whom have no background in IT or computer science. He believes that one of the main benefits is the “trial and error” nature of low-code development. DronaHQ allows users to try out a function by dragging and dropping it before expanding it, saving test time.

“We use a sophisticated … system as the backbone, [with low-code]You can pepper in this environment of trial and error. This is very powerful. You can give it a shot and then flip it over and change it on the fly, “Scott said. “It’s really worth it to us.”

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How lowcode can help big companies like Mondelēz How lowcode can help big companies like Mondelēz

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