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How many candies do Americans eat in a year?

From sweets to holiday fun, candies play a major role in American culture and consumption is skyrocketing. Valentine’s day, halloween, easter, When Christmas..

Whether it comes from sugar, sugar cane, sugar cane, or corn It is the main component Another reason is that with every candy, it can be crafted into all kinds of different sizes, shapes, and textures. If you bite rock candy, chew toffee, munching on jelly beans, or licking lollipops, you’re basically eating. A spoonful of sugar..

The average American Estimated £ 8 candy (3.7 kg) Every year, children eat more. Usually, one in four eats at least candy, and most people eat it once a year. As a nutritionist, Even in special cases, moderation is recommended.

That’s because growing children, and adults, also have enough energy, maintain strong bones and muscles, and need food to help their bodies fight infections.

Colorful variety candy

Most candies are basically a pile of sugar.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and nuts include: Natural sugar For better energy for you. These foods also provide the nutrients your body needs for health and survival, such as iron and vitamin C.

The sugar in the candy provides enough calories for energy, but your body does not benefit from them.Empty calories.. In fact, your body doesn’t need them at all.Sugar that does not provide health benefits is called Added sugar..

What happens if I eat too much candy

Another reason why it’s best to eat only a small amount of candy is that eating a lot of candy on an empty stomach will fill your body. Too few important things needed..

Eat too much sweets Drink too much sweet drink Consuming other sugared sauces can make you feel sick Fatigue and generally illness In the short term. If you constantly overdose sugar, you risk lifelong health, including: Diabetes or heart disease, Will go up.

Candy can also hurt your teeth, Possibility of tooth decay..They cause a lot of pain – especially Roots and nerves Your teeth are damaged.

Count by bite

Instead of lowering the entire bag of gummy worms, eat some pieces and save some for later use.

It’s also best to fill in healthier options. One of the sweetest choices is to be packed with calcium-containing low-sugar yogurt (good for teeth and bones) or apples. Vitamin C and dietary fiber..

For chocolate modifications, Soak strawberries in melted chocolate – A fun, creative and healthier option.

Strawberries with chocolate

Making chocolate-covered strawberries yourself is easier than you might think and is a good way to reduce candy consumption.

Just a bit

Like other professionals, I recommend that adults and children alike aim for moderation by consuming: 10% of total calories with added sugar..

for infant This means limiting the amount of sugar added to about 100 calories or less.It’s about equal At most 25 grams, 6 teaspoons of sugar or 24 Skittles..

For teens or adults who need it 2,000 calories daily, Sugar should be less than 50 grams-about 200 of those calories.

However, Americans consume sugar in many other ways. Many of us drink soda and other sweet drinks. Eat other sweets such as cakes, ice cream, cookies, pies and brownies. processed food From bread to spaghetti sauce, a significant amount of sugar is often added.

Still, it’s okay to have a few candies once in a while. Remember to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and brush your teeth regularly.

Written by Rahel Mathews, Associate Professor of Nutrition, Mississippi State University.

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How many candies do Americans eat in a year? How many candies do Americans eat in a year?

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