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Jacksonville, Florida — The sun seemed to shine brightly in Jacksonville on Monday. The air felt clearer. The St. Johns River looked beautiful. Even Jaguar’s dilapidated stadium seemed to shine for the first time in decades.

Jacksonville’s losing streak was the longest in team history at the age of 13, and it was a celebration. It’s arguably the best thing in the city since the NFL granted the expansion franchise in November 1993.

Skid Jaguar (1-13) was named number one in the 2021 draft and strangled by Clemson’s star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, thanks to the shocking victory of the New York Jets over the Rams in Los Angeles. I did.

“The New York Jets delivered an early Christmas gift to Jacksonville today.” Mayor of Jacksonville, Lenny Curry posted on Twitter Before vowing to light the victorious cigar. “Seriously, this Jets victory may be a decisive moment for our ball club. See you next week. See you in the draft. This is the victory of the day.”

With the extraordinary development of 2,400 miles west, Jacksonville hoped that it would have lost its right to vote for years. It also created what should be a painful wait to make sure Jaguar doesn’t ruin it. It’s not just two weeks. Like 4 months more.

Jacksonville will have to lose two more games, starting with the home finale against Chicago on Sunday. Hire a general manager whose main goal is to find a long-term solution to the team’s long-standing QB problem. Gather coaching staff who can care for the guys who have been widely regarded as the college’s best prospects since Andrew Luck.

No problem, right?

There is little doubt that Jackson Building could ruin it. After all, this is a franchise that doubled Gardner Minshew by drafting quarterbacks Byron Leftwich, Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles and taking over Leonard Fournette to Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. ..

None of those failed moves seemed to be important on Sunday night, as Jets played after playing stretches to thwart Rams. Frank Gore, Safety Marcus May, and Panther Braden Mann don’t have to buy drinks in Jacksonville.

If the swan song helps the team deliberately lose to Bears (7-7) and Indianapolis (10-4) a week later to land Lawrence, so does Jaguars coach Doug Marone.

“I wouldn’t be able to do that,” Marone said on Monday. “I couldn’t do that. I don’t. I’ve never done it in my life. I had a hard time getting my kid to win when I was little.”

Marone gracefully handled some questions about Jaguar fans’ open support for the team.

“If we lose as many games as we do in a row and only win one in the remaining two games, there’s a lot to be said, not many. It’s positive,” he said. “I think you understand that it’s our business … it’s a fair game.”

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How Mayor Jacksonville Celebrated the New York Jets Victory How Mayor Jacksonville Celebrated the New York Jets Victory

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