How Microsoft Persuaded Me To Buy the Xbox Series S

If someone tells me to get an Xbox console earlier this year, I’ll look suspicious. As a longtime PlayStation gamer, finally moving to the Xbox is an unexpected move on my part, but as I approach a forbidden door I’ve never tried to open, it’s something I welcome.

In the 19-year history of Microsoft’s console space, I have never owned an Xbox console. It comes from the comfort of the PlayStation brand, and sometimes from ignorant places.

I’ve been a PlayStation gamer since PS1 and the ecosystem is so full that I’ve never been as interested as exploring the other side.

That idea has changed slowly in the last few years, but has changed even more in the last few months.

After the 3rd generation Xbox console, I want to get the brand’s 4th generation first console on the Xbox Series S. A console that I believe is the best entry for anyone in my position.

I’m sure anyone reading this now is asking, “Why is it an” S “?” Why not the Xbox Series X? “

Xbox Game Pass is the perfect gateway

Simply put, this is primarily a budget issue. PS5 is still planned to be available as it will continue to be the main platform for playing multi-platform and exclusive games. The idea of ​​getting two powerful consoles at the same expensive price is a bit financially irresponsible to me.

For me, the Xbox Series S is the perfect middle ground for my first world problem. The console gives me what I want. Access to play Microsoft’s game library on next-generation hardware, albeit a bit cheaper than the Series X.

The caveat with this device is that it lacks the 4K game resolution experience I miss. I don’t care about this. I’ve noticed that resolution is the focus of the gaming industry, but I’m not particularly focused on it.

I think the 1080p game with a resolution of 1440p or higher and the Xbox Series S itself will be a very satisfying game. Spending money on low-budget next-generation Xbox devices makes the most sense for where I am.

Especially on platforms, you’ll save time because you’re only playing the limited edition and rare Xbox Game Pass games you’ll want to try first in Series S on Xbox.

Speaking of Game Pass, that service is the main motivation for buying an Xbox. I sincerely believe that Microsoft’s subscription service is the best deal in the game. Under Phil Spencer’s leadership, the incredible value of the Game Pass has risen slowly since its launch in 2017, but at this point it can’t be ignored personally.

Dates and date launches from Xbox Games Studios

So when all Xbox Game Studios games start dates and dates on the Game Pass, how can a self-proclaimed game fan ignore it? I’m a fan of content because I make the best deals possible, so the Xbox Game Pass is the perfect combination of two things I like.

Subscribing to the service means that everyone is pretty crazy about first-party content and all the other games that Microsoft adds to the service every month. The idea that you don’t have to buy games on Xbox is another compelling aspect of the service and a great way for new users to join the ecosystem.

The Xbox Game Pass has become a metric on how to properly perform game subscription services. When people call it Netflix for games, I don’t necessarily agree with that feeling.

I was able to get on the Xbox train with this service, but I don’t think the way I enjoy the game has changed.

Anyway, compared to PlayStation, I heard that Xbox offers a total package as an online service, so I think Xbox is a multiplayer console.

Even if it’s great, I’m not yet a gamer like multiplayer because it’s not what I consider to be a “fun” time. Playing with others puts me too much stress and feels like I’m ruined and take all responsibility.

I’m more into single player games and their landscapes. I want to experience the story of the developer rather than telling my own story with others. I don’t have that view of all multiplayer games, but that’s how I feel in AAA multiplayer games.

That said, I’m not a fan of all the first-party Xbox content Microsoft announces. Some don’t talk to me personally, but for what I talk to, I go completely out of play.

Games like entry gear Franchise, Ori, Please tell me the reason And more coming, I’m very interested. When thinking about the Xbox monopoly and experience that we’ve missed for a long time, it’s clear that we’re excited to explore these new worlds that Xbox has created in the last three generations.

Please tell me the reason

Finally, being able to play optimized versions of these games is even more promising as you will be able to play the best version of the developer’s vision.

A whole new world of Xbox

I don’t think I mentioned a big brand franchise that is very related to the Xbox. Hello.. I don’t play FPS games much because it’s not a genre I don’t talk much about, but when I play it, it’s very carefully selected.

You can only participate in FPS games if it is a setting that is truly outside this world.

I’m not interested in games that can happen in reality or games that can happen in our world Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor More. It feels like a war simulator to me, and those types of FPS experiences don’t always talk to me, so I can’t get into it.

The sci-fi / cyberpunk aspect of the game has always been a great hook for me and a way to overcome anxiety about the FPS genre.Franchise like Deus Ex, half-life And expected Cyberpunk 2077 You just want to play to get lost in these worlds.

That said Hello It meets my exception rules, but when I get the Series S, it’s not the type of game I try first. I’m a fan of Red vs Blue, so at least give me a chance. I have at least the fandom of the world. For now, I’ll wait for you to join the Halo series.

I’ve been playing games for generations, and the idea of ​​finally exploring the Xbox landscape is almost a bit intimidating. This technology I have will add to my ever-growing backlog.

Like one of my favorite Disney movies I once sang, it’s a “whole new world,” and in my case, that world is the Xbox.

The Xbox Series S will be a paradigm shift to the way I play games. We welcome the slow opening of the forbidden door as a next-generation console.


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