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Hello fellow card sharks! I’m Phil Gaskell, Creative Director of the Texas Hold’em Simulation Poker Club, which will be released today on PS5 and PS4. Here at Lipstone, we’ve been providing the most beloved entertainment to the PlayStation platform for nearly a decade, including poker, pools and chess. So for me and our small team, working with impressive PS5 hardware is a dream. That’s because you can take full advantage of ultra-fast SSDs and DualSense controllers to make your simulations more immersive, seamless, and social.

The PS5 allows you to provide what is called a “true immersive feeling” to your game by enhancing all your senses while playing.


PS5 has allowed small teams like us to create visual experiences that were previously impossible. Utilizing powerful hardware, dial up the fidelity level to 11 in all worlds and use real-life reflections and shadows while maintaining smooth 60 fps and 4K to be the most beautiful possible Render in a realistic way. Solution.

We are proud that our team of three artists has achieved both environment and lighting. Especially shadows and reflections. The poker club’s brightly lit casino offers incredible scale and openness. When playing on a freshly polished high roller table, the cards show a clear reflection on the surface.

It’s amazing to be able to layer details that you didn’t have the power to create before. Therefore, when playing from a first-person perspective, you can see the grainy flaws in the speedcross on the table and the oily fingerprints that disappear from the playing cards when the dealer places them in front of you. The details at this level are unprecedented, and all come together to give you the feeling that you’re actually there, at the table, and playing with the cards in your hands.


The controller has always been one of the most important elements of a simulation game, and what the DualSense controller brings to the table is truly breathtaking.

For me, DualSense is the most exciting part of the PS5 platform. Because I love the subtle and extra layers of feedback that can give players about the actions that are taking place in and around the world. It’s a connection to the world you’re immersed in, and you need to stay out of the way while you’re connected to what’s happening on the screen. It was a lot of fun to discover what was possible and where the sweet spots were to enrich the gameplay without overusing or overloading the player’s senses.

Adaptive triggers can give the player some tension. In poker clubs, you can use it to grab the trigger, bend the card back, peek into the hands dealt, and give the card a realistic feel of resisting playing cards. The degree of delicacy when doing this is important. If you resist too much, you will feel a gimmick, but doing it right is beyond experience and truly immersive. It’s a delicate balance.

The design of haptic feedback is also very exciting. The way DualSense adopts this technology is so sophisticated that it can reproduce a very special feeling. You can play with the feel of the weight of the chips when you put them on the table or cross the speedcross when you make a big bet.

Even poker chip tricks can have a concrete and satisfying sensation. Rolling the chips across the knuckle or shuffling the stack of chips is correctly represented in the hand by the directional feedback and vibration forces of the DualSense controller. Every detail, such as the player’s palpable heartbeat, can be communicated through the controller while thinking of making a big move as the clock stops.


3D audio is a very good technology that we have been working on for a long time. However, with PlayStation 5, there are many more ways to use it. This can greatly enhance your presence in the game, especially in the simulation.

The depth and amount of layers of how to implement the technology is, frankly, ridiculous — in all the best ways! The first-person in-game camera uses 3D audio to accurately simulate ambient sounds based on head position. This provides a truly immersive hearing experience. The heavy clinking of poker chips, the sound of skin and cards rubbing the table, the background music played by speakers mounted on the walls of the venue, and many other subtle but unique sounds all around you. By working together and giving each venue a unique atmosphere, you can immerse yourself in the action.

True immersion

Bring all three of these sensations to the new PS5 location to provide a deeper, more reliable immersive and presence in simulation games. Everything is further enhanced by the ultra-fast reads that SSDs bring.

It was our dream to use all the latest technology to create a truly next-generation experience that allows players to live a poker pro life and connect with other players around the world who love games.Whether you’re playing a secret backroom game in a dingy club or deep in the excitement of the fascinating casino high stakes, take part in a professional poker tournament with up to 228 players. Even if you have a poker club PS5 emulates that experience at a level of true immersiveness that we’ve always wanted to achieve.

After launching the Poker Club, we will continue to add and improve support for PlayStation 5 features. We love to raise the bar in every game we create and are excited about the future on PS5. Thanks to us and everyone who has bet on our game in the past. Enjoy poker nights at the poker club...

Poker Club is currently available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for $ 24.99 (£ 19.99 / € 24.99) as part of a cross-by bundle. We will continue to add and improve support for PlayStation 5 features after the launch of Poker Club. You can also get the latest news at

How Ripstone ups the ante with Poker Club on PS5 and PS4

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