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Today, in a rare afternoon match between the Phoenix Suns and the Detroit Pistons, the head coaches of each team talked to the media, usually at the same time as having a morning coffee.

But everyone got up early, so the press conference felt like a reflection of the morning.

Many people use the morning as a way to face new challenges every day, appreciate the current situation, and prepare to look back on the past. That was exactly what happened when Pistons coach Dwane Casey addressed reporters before the tip-off at Little Caesars Arena.

Casey first played against the tough Sands team, which has the best overall record in the NBA, and talked about playing in the match 32-9.He then Showed his gratitude His current players Kelly Olynyk, Trey Lyles and Hamidou Diallo have said they lost their positions at various times during the season, but they are grateful for their versatility.

Then came the reflection.After a short pause, Casey reunites with him Bismack BiyomboA former Raptors player from Casey’s during the 2015-16 NBA season, he is currently playing in the opposite Sands.

When asked without hesitation about what Beyonbo could bring to a team with championship-level aspirations like Sands, Casey’s first feature was “toughness.”

“”[Bismack] It will bring toughness every night, “Casey said. “He’s one of the best screeners I’ve ever taught, as long as he turns his body towards people. He doesn’t care if you come in and dunk to him, he You’ll be there to block the shot. Many people will squeak and try to block the shot. Bismac will be there. “

All of these attributes represent why Sands signed Bismack for the rest of the season earlier this week after the first 10 days of hardship contract expired. That’s why Chris Paul described him as a “perfect professional” and “perfect for the culture of the Sands.”

Its compatibility and toughness make Biyombo Ideal addition Especially for teams like Sands who recognize the possibility of playoffs. Casey talked about Beyonbo’s battle-tested skills in post-season play, mentioned how he had previously defended LeBron James at the Eastern Conference Finals, and repeated this.

Bismack and the Raptors lost 4-2 to James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the series, but his play during the run earned a great payday at Orlando Magic the following summer, 72 million for four years. Signed a dollar contract.

In five games with Phoenix so far, Biyombo has noticed an average of 6.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.6 blocks per game, with a run time of 15.8 minutes each night. Despite his turbulent past with Casey, he’s only 29 and still has a lot to prove, so hope to continue finding ways to contribute to Sands in all aspects of the game. please.

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How Sands Big Biz Mac Beyonbo is remembered by a former coach How Sands Big Biz Mac Beyonbo is remembered by a former coach

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