How StackPath Edge Computing Helps Game Developers Success (Sponsored)

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Today, most games, even if they are not “online games,” will at some point rely on online services for distribution, patch distribution, online multiplayer, streaming, or other needs.

StackPath is an edge computing company that provides game studios, publishers, and technology providers with the means to provide their customers with the prestigious network performance they need.

“Edge computing is still in its infancy,” said Nathan Huey, Chief Marketing Officer at StackPath, in a recent Q & A at GDC 2021 (complete interview above). “And what’s a strangely easy layup for game developers? [for them] “First of all, we need less than X milliseconds of latency between running compute instances,” he says. And that’s easy. “

Edge computing is computing that runs near a source of data. StackPath has a background as a content delivery network and is well-equipped to provide game developers with fast and reliable online services.

“As CDNs evolve into more sophisticated edge delivery services, we believe that game developers are using us and need to be able to customize in-game content. [that] Whether it’s in-game advertising, you can simply tailor it to a particular user. [delivering] In-game skin. “

As games become bigger, faster, and more interactive, Huey said StackPath aims to provide the online tools and services that gaming companies need to succeed.

“Can be delivered [content and services] On the fly, make sure it doesn’t add a lot of overhead-it’s a big need, “he said.

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