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After Russell reached the third quarter, the team decided to set a bunker time and focus on one quick lap at the end of the session rather than shaving it in a rapidly changing situation.

Capito says it’s already a good result to be in the top 10 and the team has nothing to lose by holding up until the end of the session. Russell knows he was able to get the job done when he was under pressure.

Russell was defeated by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen after temporarily maintaining pole position on the final lap.

“I think we planned it very well,” Kapito told autosport. “We had enough time to plan what we were doing and how we were doing it, and basically we had nothing to lose.

“When we succeeded in the third quarter, this is the greatest success we can get. So it’s okay to finally reach 10th place, so we had nothing to lose. So I We said we would put everything in one lap, and we know George can do that.

“And not all drivers can do that under these conditions. Put everything in one lap. And, as you know, we check the condition in a safe way. I gave him the first lap wet so I could, then he did two laps in the middle where he was able to do everything right.

“Then he was able to sync with everyone else and give it in one lap with the confidence he would get in the first three laps. He’s great.

“I think it was special in every way, and it wasn’t a simple qualifying, but I think that’s a condition that makes a difference.”

Capito says the team has taken a big step this season to call the right strategy in both qualifying and racing, improving internal communication.

“In Budapest, we’ve already seen teams significantly improve their decision-making strategies,” he explained. “And we think we were able to make the right decisions on the fly, with the right communication, the right level, the right communication strategy, who to talk to and who to make the decisions, and it worked very well throughout the season. I think that has improved a lot.

“So we can make decisions very quickly and then everyone can back them up. I think this is a big improvement we have made.”

Capito has an open mind about what Russell will achieve in the Sunday race.

“We’ll see what we can do,” he said. “I think the weather conditions are very similar to today. And you have to make the right decision, you have to see what the weather is, you have good weather information You need, and then go with it and see where it ends. I think it’s impossible to plan a race in this situation.

“It’s everything from the crash in the first corner to the podium. Anything is possible. That’s the great thing about racing, it’s unpredictable. Here’s the situation. It’s F1 and the race in general. I think that’s why it’s so special. “

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How Strategy Confidence Helped Russell Shock at Spa How Strategy Confidence Helped Russell Shock at Spa

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