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The Viking DC explains how the 49ers do a “great job” running ball Originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

Jimmy Garoppolo has been one of the NFL’s most efficient quarterbacks over the past two weeks, providing the necessary elements for the 49ers’ attack.

However, Viking defense coordinator Andre Patterson still knows why the San Francisco attack works.

“They are playing soccer really well,” Patterson told reporters Wednesday.

He also compared the 49ers run game with the Cleveland Browns. The Nainers don’t have a running back star like Nick Chubb, but there are a variety of backs that can get the job done. Patterson also mentioned Kyle Shanahan’s ability to confuse defense with motion and shift.

Then there is Devo SamuelThe 49ers star receiver may also be listed as a running back.

“Yeah, he’s a running back,” Patterson said. “When he’s lined up there, he’s running back. [Cordarelle Patterson].. He reminds me of a lot of coderrels.

“Corderel can play running back comfortably. This guy can play running back comfortably …. He is a true running back. He runs with power and power. He has good eyesight, It’s a running back. “

Forty-niners again No rookie Elijah Mitchell He appears to have returned from a broken finger and rib injury. After that, Shanahan will turn to Jeff Wilson Jr., Rookie Tray Salmon, and Samuel. He has the second most receiving yard in the NFL, but Samuel also has 137 rush yards with 19 carries and 3 touchdowns.

It is suitable for 7.2 yards per carry.

“They are doing a wide variety of running plays,” Patterson said. “There is no way to practice everything in a week. Running backs are hard and physically performed and the receivers do a great job of blocking. They commit to it and know what they are doing. I think that’s their difference.

“There are games that have run the ball 12 or 13 times in a row on the drive. Hopefully they will stick to the running game, and I do the tremendous work they do. I think you are doing. “”

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If Patterson knows one thing, it’s a Viking playoff game movie for the 49ers in January 2020, which is essentially useless at this point.

“It’s about who they have now, what they’re doing now, and who they’re playing with now,” Patterson said. “That’s what we have to stop.”

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How the 49ers do the “great job” of running the ball to the Viking D coordinator How the 49ers do the “great job” of running the ball to the Viking D coordinator

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