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Most games on the Game of the Year list revolve around fantasy, life-size stakes, the distant future, or the distant past. These are places where you want to move your players to a completely different world, offering a new experience like never before. Behind the Frame: Released for PlayStation 4 on June 2, Finest Scenery focuses on another fantasy where you can immerse yourself in the fun routines of everyday life.

I’m Buddy, the community manager for Akupara Games. I’d like to take a moment to analyze why Behind the Frame’s core gameplay experience is so important to us.Behind the frame, As a young artist, you are trying to showcase her art at a big time exhibition. The game itself focuses on the mystery she’s trying to solve, but most of the time she spends in Behind the Frame takes place in the studio of her quaint living apartment.

Behind the frame, there are many animated cutscenes in the course of the game, and many players and critics liken them to the animations of Studio Ghibli, famous for movies such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. These films, like the ones from Japan, are some of Behind the Frame’s greatest inspiration.Especially when Marnie was there It really helped to match the silver lining studio to the traditional animation of the particular style used in the game cutscenes. Bold and serious colors and crisp linework enhance the artist and her studio.

The goal of gameplay is always immersive. The developers of Silver Lining Studios wanted to help players get used to their daily lives. Wake up in the morning, brew coffee, make a quick breakfast, play music, and then start painting for the day. Painting and solving related puzzles is the main gameplay mechanic of Behind the Frame, advancing the story and revealing many of the mysteries. However, in order for the player to actually agree with the main character of Behind the Frame, he needs to look at many of her, not just those related to the plot. It comes from helping her cook some eggs and butter some toasts.

As another example, my favorite detail is letting the player play music from a cassette tape player. It’s not just about clicking a button to start music. The player opens the tape deck in an orderly manner, picks up the tape, inserts it into a slot, closes the deck, and presses the play button to make one sound of music. In game design, there is a term called “kinetic sensation.” It represents the sensation of the player’s movement through the virtual space. Because they understand how finger movements are translated into the characters that appear on the screen, players can type on the keyboard without looking at their fingers, so players can see how virtual avatars interact in virtual space. You can understand what to do with. .. And just as a game can have good / bad mechanics, graphics, or sound design, its kinetic sensations can dramatically improve the experience. Thanks to the process of turning on the cassette tape, I have a much stronger connection with the painter as a player than just pressing a button or a cut scene.

The same attention to kinesthetics applies to other parts of the game’s animation. When the player presses play to successfully start playing the music for the day, the rolling cassette tape is cut instantly, allowing the player to appreciate adding music to the game world. In fact, every little routine in the painter’s apartment includes a moment of gratitude, whether you’re watching the tape play or pouring coffee into a cup.

The attention to detail extends to the painting animation of the game. The silver lining has added a special rigging to the painter’s arm. This allows his arm to follow the brushstrokes smoothly, even if the player is painting with a brush (matching the controller). More details have also been added on how the paint from gameplay blended into the final presentation. While the player is painting, drips from the brushstrokes will begin to slide down the canvas. Once the section has been painted, the paint will transition smoothly to the cleanup final product. Its progress helps to establish a sense of the passage of time and pay attention to the correct details of the painting.

For the developers of Silver Lining Studios and us at Akupara Games, it’s these details that actually sell the lively and immersive experience of being a young artist who spends his days painting in an apartment. is. If you want to draw some masterpieces yourself, Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery will be released on PS4 on June 2nd. Also, on the same day, we will release new content in the game, which is a side story focused on another young painter. !! !!And if you pick up behind the frame, I hope, Keep an eye out for other options like the ones above. This game is full of them!

How Behind the Frame’s animation makes you feel at home

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