How the Ring Fellowship set up a blockbuster franchise

Twenty years have passed since Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings: Ring Fellowship It plundered the theater like a wild herd of Uruk-hai, and its presence is still felt throughout the cinematic landscape today. Many have tried to reproduce that success, but few have succeeded in Jackson’s spectacular design. The perfect balance between an intimate character drama and an extraordinary budget adventure.

Still, after luxury Return of the king Two years later and Jackson Hobbit A trilogy that was an essentially soulless anime blockbuster, we tend to forget it fellowshipAt its core was a relatively small film (at least compared to the sequel) about the relationships that were built between small and diverse groups of individuals while enduring difficult journeys. This is an important step that studios tend to skip when preparing their own blockbuster franchise, and instead choose to captivate viewers with expensive CGI and breathtaking action sequences. ..

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Shine fellowship Jackson, along with writers Fran Walsh and Philippa Bowens, patiently laid the foundations for the rest of the series, paying close attention to key figures such as Frodo (Elijah Wood), Sam (Sean Astin) and Gandalf (Ian McKellen). How to establish. , Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) also provide an important part of the explanation that will be rewarded in later films.

Let’s start from the beginning.

fellowship It’s a simply structured prologue that provides the story so far, but it starts with a spectacular prologue.In essence, this is similar to the opening crawl of Star Wars, Except for the more visually gorgeous ones:

From the beginning, the audience understands the basics of Middle-earth and the importance of the One Ring. Jackson is now shifting down to The Shire through a sequence that introduces Bilbo (Ian Holm), Frodo, and Gandalf. This sequence also does a great job of showing off a beautiful and natural world filled with luscious trees and plants, inhabited by real people. It is in stark contrast to the desolate, barren landscapes found in the prologue. Now we know that Sauron is at stake to regain power.

As a side, we also see Frodo as a simple companion who spends his days reading books in the woods and attending parties with fellow Hobbits. He reads about other people’s adventures, especially the abuse of Bilbo, but he doesn’t want to take part in the adventure. In contrast, Return of the king, He is writing his own adventure for others to read. This is a minor but interesting setup and won’t pay off until the last 20 minutes of the final movie.

Also, in the opening sequence of The Shire, you will learn a lot about wizards. Gandalf enjoys parties, but isn’t kind to nonsense. When Mary (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) launch a fairly large firework shaped like a dragon’s smaug, a wizard in a gray robe with jerky hair gives a worthy punishment. I did.

At this point, keep in mind that we are about 20 minutes from the start of the movie (about 25 minutes in the extended version). In fact, the first major set piece, Gandalf vs. Salman, does not occur until 40 minutes have passed. And even that sequence is more about Salman’s betrayal than action.

One of my favorite scenes throughout the trilogy is also related to characters and plots, rather than captivating the audience. Just at the mark of time, Frodo and Sam are now on their journey, not fully aware of the dangers lurking in front of them, but happen to Mary and Pippin. There’s a cute bit that Foursome trips over the hill and hits a mushroom, and then this happens:

What began as an easy adventure, where Frodo and Sam complained about sleeping on the ground, hit some elves, and blamed Mary and Pippin for stealing some crops, quickly became a fierce situation. It changes to. Filmed like something from a horror movie, this scene completely captures the growing horror and ends with Frodo’s first understanding of the true power of the One Ring. wonderful.

Later, I will introduce Aragorn / Strider. Aragorn / Strider takes the four hobbits on a further journey, but the movie pauses enough time for the beat of this important character.

I haven’t met Liv Tyler’s Arwen yet, but Jackson has already sowed the seeds of the Aragorn and Arwen subplots. This is another bit that won’t be completely rewarded until the final movie. But when the conclusion of their story comes, the audience is fully invested and probably astonishing their eyes:

first half Fellowship of rings It does a great job of establishing that character, stakes, and laying out important explanations so that the second half can lean a little harder into the action. Still, despite a large set piece that includes a magnificent Moria mine / Kazaddam bridge sequence, Jackson continues to sprinkle quiet character beats like this:

Again, this moment is a clever explanation mixed with character development. Learn more about Gollum’s tragic inside story and see Frodo’s current plight: The Hobbit has a hard time understanding his role in the story. Not surprisingly, Gandalf reassures him, provides sound advice, and further establishes Gandalf’s importance to young heroes. When the wizard dies, Frodo feels helpless and, more importantly, alone.

In the last third of the movie, Jackson arranges Frodo away from other fellowships. Frodo stays there until Sam proves his loyalty.

By the end of fellowshipFrodo has evolved from an irresponsible, playful, carefree Hobbit to a true hero ready to take on any challenge awaiting him. The character does not enjoy the same important arc in later movies. It focuses on the physical and psychological distress suffered by the Rings of Power. Therefore, it was important that the first film establish his personal growth.

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Note the contrast from the beginning of the movie where Frodo sits alone in the woods reading a book to the final shot where he stands on top of the mountain with his loyal friend Sam.

It’s an impressive bit like visual storytelling that adds so much to the experience.

that is fellowship Such a wonderful movie. A small number of directors would have spent a great deal of time jumping into action first or providing a dry part of the explanation. Through these spectacular moments, Jackson spends nearly three hours introducing this strange new world to his viewers. At this moment, our growing character will also expand. In this case, you will learn a little more about Aragorn through his reaction to the “old king”.

The big action climax in which our tired corps takes on Uruk-hai’s army is important because it is surrounded by the noble death of Boromir (Sean Bean).

The demise of riding his arrow only works because Jackson spent a considerable amount of time on Boromir’s personality. We understand the reason for his madness for such a scene that fully explains his plight, his growing frustration:

I love Aragorn wearing Boromir gloves at the end of the movie. This means that he has accepted his obligations to his relatives. Again, small details that help embody a large story that can easily buckle under its own weight.

Even the Mines of Moria sequence mentioned above is characterized by the prosperity of small characters that support the big picture. Mary’s pre-established clumsiness leads to Gandalf’s death, and Boromir’s love for the “little things” grabs Mary and Pippin and causes him to jump over the collapsing stairs, Legolas saves Gimli’s life. And we even see how important the quest to destroy the ring is when Gandalf sacrifices his life to save his fellowship.

In other words, nothing fellowship It is an action for an action. All scenes serve a greater purpose by communicating the importance of the journey to the audience or by further developing the character. like that, Return of the king The work is staggering, as all setups vary in size, from Sam’s strong loyalty to Aragorn’s personal improper emotions. The reward is absolutely spectacular, both visually and emotionally.

(As an aside, this is why I’m so excited about many of Dennis Villeneuve. Dunes series. The first movie, released in October, also took nearly three hours to establish a huge universe.now Dunes: Part II, The spectator is already fully on board, so he can throw all the battles and set the required pieces on the screen. Hopefully Billneuve will stick to the landing. )

Of course, after all these years, it’s sad that no other trilogy can match Peter Jackson’s epic design.Christopher Nolan dark Knight As the trilogy approaches, Marvel has certainly done a great job of sprinkling likable characters in its ever-expanding universe. Still, no one has a complete picture of its splendor. Lord of the Ring, Mainly because the studio wants to skip fellowship Go straight Two towers Or misunderstand what was made fellowship It’s very good in the first place.

After all, Lord of the Ring Eventually, it evolved into a billion-dollar blockbuster franchise. Its roots and beginnings are centered around four hobbits, a wizard, an elf, a dwarf, and two men. All of these represent ring fellowships.

How the Ring Fellowship set up a blockbuster franchise

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