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Tenbagorimbo I’m doing everything I can to put myself in the right position for the UFC shoot.

EFC welterweight champion Golimbo (9-2) had almost the opportunity when he received a call from Dana White’s Contender series in April. However, struggling to obtain a US visa forced Zimbabwean-born fighters from South Africa to withdraw from the opportunity.

“On April 15th, I received a message from my manager that Sean Shelby was considering joining this year’s Contender series,” Golimbo told MMA Junkie. “Before signing a contract, Shelby’s message that getting a man into the (Contender series) without a visa is already a challenge for them, and they have to stop bringing more men. But he said he would let me know if something changed. “

Golimbo hasn’t been competing since defending the title in the second submission of Lyle Column at EFC 84 in March 2020. Golimbo solved the problem on his own by booking a flight as the first chance to punch a ticket to the UFC was gone The visa to Dubai and his efforts have already paid off.

Originally intended to be a backup fighter for UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi, Golimbo was called on October 29 to face the Contender series Alum, Ramadan Kurmagomedov (9-0) at the UAE Warriors 24. Attend to shoot the episode “Dana White: Lookin’for a Fight”.

“This is the star I’m aligning to enter the UFC,” Golimbo said. “The fight in front of Dana White was supposed to happen in the Contender series, but I couldn’t get a chance because of the visa situation. Impressions in front of Dana I think we’ve got all the stars to win and gain a position in the UFC. “

Golimbo is undergoing rigorous testing with the undefeated Nurmagomedov. Kurmagomedov won the contender series against current UFC welterweight Jordan Williams in 2019, but it wasn’t enough to impress White. The Russians were also booked to play Alex Oliveira at UFC Fight Night 186 in February, but were forced to withdraw.

But despite all of Nurmagomedov’s experience on the big stage, Golimbo is not afraid.

“Ramzan is a great match for me,” Golimbo said. “I examined him and found that he was already in the Contender series and won. He was reserved to fight in the UFC and who knows what happened there. He is undefeated so far until I give him his first defeat in MMA. I am the winner and I will win. “

Golimbo, 30, grew up in a village in Machingo province and became an orphan after losing his parents by the age of 13. He fled Zimbabwe in 2008 after mining diamonds as a teenager. A story that inspires others on a big stage.

“At the young age of 16, I became a bloody diamond smuggler in Zimbabwe’s Marrange. I just passed by and took care of myself,” Golimbo said. “In the end, diamond smuggling had to be stopped by the government, and I was about to be killed there, and I sent Zimbabwe to South Africa as a border jumper at the age of 17 in search of a better life and opportunity. I’m gone. I’ve been working here in South Africa as a painter, guard, gardener and doing MMA to become a champion.

“Since becoming the EFC champion in 2019, I’ve been working hard to get great opportunities at the UFC, the world’s premier organization. I’ve always imagined myself becoming the UFC champion. If the pandemic didn’t happen, I’m in the UFC right now and I think I’m already up the ranks because I’m willing to fight everyone. I myself and my manager are pushing me into the UFC. I’ve been, but now it’s hard to get in because of visa issues around the world. “

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How Themba Gorimbo Aligned Stars to Realize UFC Dreams How Themba Gorimbo Aligned Stars to Realize UFC Dreams

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