How this engineer uses wrestling to train students in public speaking skills

In this episode, Nathaniel (Nat) Forgotson, Vice President and Program Manager of Science Systems and Applications, Inc., will be informed about the effective public communication skills of engineers and how to use wrestling to train students in public speaking skills. I will talk.

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Skills to speak in public

Skills to speak in public

Here are some of the important points discussed here Public speaking skills:

  • With an MBA, you can let everyone know that you want to follow a career path for managers.
  • Having a hobby like becoming a wrestling manager in your spare time will help you acquire the skills to speak in public and speak in front of many people. Teaching people what you have learned will also be very fulfilling.
  • Balancing work and life is very important, and hobbies in your free time can help you relieve stress and move away from your daily work. It’s also useful for networking as you meet other people.
  • If you are nervous and unconfident, people think there is something wrong with what you are presenting, so prejudice you. Being confident tells your audience that you can trust you and what you are presenting to them. Believe in yourself and convey it physically and verbally.
  • If you’re afraid to speak in public, there are a few things you can do to make your audience look more comfortable. Standing with one foot in front of the other will prevent it from swinging from side to side. Practice speaking in front of the mirror to improve your physique. It’s good to have a short pause in silence. Because they help emphasize the points you are doing and give your audience the opportunity to digest what you are saying.
  • Learning to speak well in public is a matter of getting used to feeling uncomfortable. If you want to present something, go in front of the mirror and quietly present it to yourself. While giving a speech in silence, look at your face and hands and notice how your speech is physically represented. It will help you to utilize your physicality as well as your words.
  • There is a gap between late and early career engineers, and we need to close the gap between young engineers and those who are ready to retire. Mostly government-funded is now finding investment in venture capital. It makes it more difficult for businesses to stick to those who support civil space programs. Large companies must continue to do what they are good at, with no immediate commercial potential.

Details of this episode …

In the Take Action Today segment of the show, Nat talks about how people can decide what they remember about you in any situation throughout your career.

About guests Nat Forgotson

SSAINat Forgotson has spent his career on technology projects that point the Earth inward and the solar system and its cosmic neighbors outward.

He is currently Vice President of Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI), managing contracts for Electrical Systems Engineering Services III to support the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. His team played a key role in the design, manufacture and launch of five spacecraft last year, including the LUCY mission to explore Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids and the James Webb Space Telescope. Throughout his career, he has managed the development of hardware for over 20 satellites and scientific instruments.

In parallel with his engineering career, he has been in the moonlight in the professional wrestling industry for 25 years. He was initially a performer and is now a public speaking coach and behind-the-scenes producer. He holds a BSEE from Johns Hopkins University, an MSEE from Northeastern University, an MBA from the University of Maryland, and lives in Howard County, Maryland.

When asked about how he ended up in his current career, Nat said: When my first kid was on the way and he asked, “Daddy, what’s your job?”, I wanted an answer that made me proud. The answer back then and now is that Dad is helping to build the spacecraft. When I took the kids to the first launch party and took off on OSIRIS-Rex when the rocket began a seven-year round-trip voyage to an asteroid called Bennu, I knew I had taken the right path. Was there. “

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Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)
James Webb Space Telescope
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How this engineer uses wrestling to train students in public speaking skills How this engineer uses wrestling to train students in public speaking skills

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