How to access awakened consciousness through meditation [Free eBook]

If you’re like me, you may have tried meditation or developed consistent habits, but you just wonder if you’re doing something wrong. You take the time to appear, but despite your best efforts, you are not enjoying the expected benefits, or at least not the consistency you first wanted to see.

Perhaps you first turned to stress-relieving meditation. It’s a way to relieve the constant pressure and overwhelming sensation that prevails in our achievement-oriented society.

Alternatively, I tried meditation first to increase my concentration and presence so that my days wouldn’t be blurred when I was busy with past rehashing and future worries.

Both were true to me.

Before finding meditation, I lived by shuffling many harmful mental habits: living in the stories of the victims, defeating myself in all the ways I felt failed, and proving myself. Value that pressured itself to somehow be a great success to do.

I was missing my life, focusing on all the lives I had already missed and all the lives I missed May If I somehow don’t do it well I’ll miss it.

I wanted meditation to save me from myself, and in a sense it did. However, I also have unrealistic expectations of my practice, and what I learned later is to experience the “mistakes” of general meditation, the awakened consciousness that is the greatest advantage of meditation. I realized that it was a mistake that hindered me.

Spiritual celebrity Craig Hamilton explores this thoroughly Unleash the power of meditation, I think you’ll find both spectacular and life-changing free ebooks.

In a nutshell, awakened consciousness is a sense of connection to our true nature, beyond our spirit and ego. It’s a place where we have easy access to intuition, wisdom, creativity, self-confidence, inner strength, and resilience.

I think this is what we are looking for. Not only does it reduce stress and increase concentration, but it also gives you access to the vast and sacred parts of yourself, giving you a sense of freedom, flow, and connection with everyone around you. We.

If you’re also struggling with meditation, that is, if you find it difficult to maintain regular practice and you don’t experience all the mental, emotional, and physical benefits you’ve read, be sure to check. It is recommended. Unleash the power of meditation.

With this powerful resource based on groundbreaking research, Craig reveals five amazing, but widespread mistakes that most of us make that prevent access to the true potential of meditation. ..

He also shares one powerful change that we can make to ignite meditation practices and access awakened consciousness.

When you learn how to practice what Craig calls “direct awakening,” you will discover the following:

-Access the miracle of awakened consciousness each time you meditate, allowing its powerful energy to be injected into every aspect of your life.

-Experience the deep inner freedom from the hypnosis of fear and desire. Beyond responsiveness and obsession, you can tackle life’s challenges with courage and elegance.

-Access the sources of wisdom that spontaneously arise according to the needs of the moment, bringing laser-like clarity faster than the speed of thought.

-Use a dynamic, seemingly endless source of energy to do whatever you need at each moment without burning out or exhausting.

-From the unexpected, access the inner well of creativity that creates an endless stream of unexpected new ideas, visions and integrated solutions.

-Become a conduit for overflowing love and care that flows through you from a place beyond your understanding to the world.

This is a short, influential ebook that ends with an invitation to a free 90-minute workshop to help take your meditation practice to the next level.

If you’re ready to overcome the most common mistakes meditators make and live a life full of meaning, purpose, love and inspiration, download the free ebook “Unleash the Power of Meditation” here. I can do it.

I hope you, like me, will help and brighten it!

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