How to be happy with your life

“Success is to love yourself, to love what you are doing, to love your way.” ~ Maya Angelou

The color in the line. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry-There is no point in shooting a drama. Straight A main dish and volunteer side dish. A four-year degree with a “safe” major from a reputable university. Next, the corner cubicle career at a listed company begins. How about a four-bedroom house and the New Year holidays abroad?We probably can’t forget those things

From infancy to adulthood, it teaches you what it means to be successful throughout your life. We are given a textbook definition that is purely based on the social composition that has existed for a very long time without critical questions, and then we can achieve this success without considering individualism. Expected.

Not long ago, I was fortunately the child of a successful young adult poster who was on a clear track for further success.

I only colored coloring books in a discreet way. We used realistic colors and often left some of the more ambiguous colors completely untouched. My brother enthusiastically scribbled on almost every reachable surface, completely in all colors, without hinges. Crayon box.

When I entered high school, I needed something more reliable in my college applications, so I exchanged writing and playing in physics and chemistry plays. I was rewarded for accepting this choice as one of the most respected schools in the country, but some of my peers have not even been able to graduate from high school. did.

So I brought this idea to college, where I studied countless nights instead of socializing, and to be honest, I actually lived my life.

Especially one night, I clearly remember a phone call from an old romance who asked me to pick me up and take me dozens of times as before.

I remember laughing heartily at his admission because of the fact that he recently traveled across the country. I also vividly recall his excitement when he explained that he was returning to the city for a surprise trip. But the excitement is short-lived, as I insisted that I was indoors to study for the test, and in doing so rejected one of the most spectacular and sincere gestures extended to me so far. did.

Once again, my one-track mindful behavior paid off and I graduated with honors.

I joined the workforce with the same vitality and outstanding intentions that were now fully rooted. I worked long hours, traveled extensively, and missed everything from birthdays to bachelors. The scariest part was that I felt little fragment of regret as my absenteeism was rewarded with more perks and more promotions.

Everything was going well. According to my bank account, LinkedIn profile, and the suburbs I lived in, I was successful. And think about it. There are many more things to do.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever been thrown a curve ball, but that’s completely and totally unexpected. One day you casually walk down the street and daydream about the perfect outfit for tomorrow. No “break-in” with the cutie in the office building is planned. A clear sensation remains when a small unknown object flies straight into your eyes. You will remain blind forever.

If you think this is a bit too detailed in the description and not a vague random example, you’re right. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to me on a bright, sunny spring day on my way back to the office from a simple lunch.

What I remember most was not the intolerable pain, but the fear of what would happen to my eyes as the endless stream of tears ran down my face. I rushed into the bathroom and did my best to wash away the debris that could have caused painful discomfort and serious anxiety.

I looked up in the mirror and looked anxiously. Don’t worry about bloodshed and red, my eyes were an almond-shaped scarlet pool with no white scleral debris. No matter what I did, my tears didn’t stop.

No one was on the alert loudly, so I went to the office and quietly let my colleagues know what the innocent casual walk had brought. Expecting a panic and a rush of quick help, I ran into a question instead around my end-of-month numbers needed to edit the final monthly report. He didn’t even make a gesture to take out the first aid kit, which he knew was stored in a nearby shelves.

I’m as fiercely independent as I am, and I’m always and thankfully surrounded by very compassionate friends and family who can help me quickly, depending on the situation. Therefore, I was seriously shocked by my colleague’s attitude of being blatantly innocent by my medical emergency.

After the astonishment, I provided the number at the end of the month, grabbed the car key and announced that I was leaving to see a doctor. I was still deadly scared, but I knew it was my sole responsibility to improve this terrible situation.

Thankfully, I was able to find a nearby medical center and hurried to the emergency room. Compared to the cold welcome of my colleagues, the staff at the medical center was an absolute blessing. They warmly talked about the steps required to rinse the eyes with the orange fluorescein dye used to detect foreign objects.

It feels creepy and especially scary to be alone in a medical bed with a bright light shining directly on your face while an unknown medical professional is trying to ascertain your destiny. After hours of feeling, my doctor confidently announced that my eyes were actually free of foreign matter and that I was likely still experiencing the scratches left by the particles.

She prescribed some antibacterial serum and sent me home with a very pirate-like eyepatch. Still visibly upset and a little skeptical of a good doctor’s diagnosis, I slowly went home trying to stay calm.

When I got home, I received some messages from my work. The main question was not about my well-being, but about the need to attend a very important client meeting that afternoon. Field knowledge needed to chair the meeting.

An incredible wave of turmoil struck me when I struggled to understand my reality. My mother, who happened to visit me, skillfully comforted me and calmed me down. After washing my face and changing clothes, I got a little more crazy and decided to attend a client meeting.

With the eyepatch and emptiness, I can never be completely clear. I went to a client meeting with a firm determination that today will be the day to start defining what success means to me. What I experienced at the beginning of the day.

From here I started, and in many ways I continue my journey to open up the definition of success-it really and indisputably aligns with my true self.

I decided to reassess everything that was said throughout my life about what it meant to be successful, what I had done, and what I wanted for the future.

Since then, I have abandoned the stuffy social definition of the meaning of success and replaced it with one that is more suited to my values ​​and true ambitions. This has little to do with my bank balance or the grand title I bear. As a professional.

For me, success has consistently appeared to my loved ones, is truly present, fascinating, and an irrefutable joy to me by not sending last-minute apology texts or expensive gifts for missing dates. I’m spending meaningful time fostering relationships that bring about forgetting my birthday, as I’ve done many times in the past.

Success means being healthy. And it doesn’t mean that you can hike the mountain in less than an hour. Well, that’s pretty good, but what I’m talking about is more than just physical health. In my opinion, being healthy includes mental, emotional, and mental health and well-being, as well as being able to keep up with Pilates instructors.

Success is also a concrete contribution to the world in which I live. It’s not the taxes I pay or the sporadic donations I make to charities with beneficiaries that far exceed the help the beneficiaries receive, but the direct impact of my actions on others. Human life.

In fact, my new and evolving definition of success means that work is no longer a priority over loved ones and health.

My sense of urgency regarding deadlines and work promises was alleviated by the recognition that there were always fires to extinguish and contracts to win. The world of work is likened to a noisy morning fish market scene where countless fishmongers compete for your attention as you race from one deadline to the next. Therefore, you need to carefully consider how you use energy at work.

We are also more aware of leaving work when we effectively log off or physically leave the office. If something more imminent in my personal life needs my attention, I can gladly admit that I’m not just happy to leave work.

This does not mean that I have resigned to B grade performance. To be honest, I think there’s something in my DNA that keeps me from becoming an individual who isn’t paying close attention. I often don’t spend ridiculous time completing reports and no longer agree to take on more than my abilities allow just because I want to appease my boss. I am constantly striving to maintain my commitment to providing excellence. But it no longer sacrifices my personal well-being and happiness.

I also began to pay more attention to my mind, mind, and body.

If you feel uncomfortable, take a quiet deep breath for a few minutes.

When disappointed in the actions of the world, I calmly remember that in the midst of darkness and injustice, there is always a precious piece of light and good to win.

When I’m tired, I hang up and go to bed.

When you’re hungry, stop and find something to nourish your body.

All the obvious clues I once had were either completely unnoticed or blatantly ignored.

Most importantly, I spend more time than just careless money helping to resonate with my desire to close the gap and advocate accessible education. Is selected.

This is one of the most rewarding aspects of the changing direction of my journey in life, and I’m sure I’m willing to redefine what success means to me. Sure, I sometimes go back to my old habits, but lately I’ve been kind to myself and get up the next day and start over.

This isn’t often said, but your definition of success is exactly that — yours.

We have undoubtedly adopted the standard social definition of success. As a result, many of us run Helter Skelter chasing our tails to win races we have never registered.

Defining what success means to you may be just the first step in seeking the peace and satisfaction we all desperately desire.

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