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How to Create a Solid LinkedIn Profile – Step By Step (2022 Edition)

LinkedIn is an organism that keeps changing its functions and algorithms. In short, our advice needs to be adapted accordingly.Recommendations and tips on how to create solids LinkedIn profile here:

Start offline:

  • Prepare your LinkedIn profile in your document before uploading.
  • You want to confirm Perfectly calibrated triple check version Your profile will be published.

Set goals

  • Why do you need a profile? What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to talk to?
  • Reason: Headhunters look for different aspects than journalists and investors. All reasons have different target groups. Each target group has different needs and expectations.
  • An example of how you want to position yourself:
    ◦ (Potential) employer author
    ◦ (Potential) employees
    ◦ (Potential) service provider
    ◦ (Potential) Investor
    ◦ (Potential) Business Partner
    ◦ Industry experts
  • Tip: Ideally limit yourself to two roles.

Set goals

  • Humans (recruiters, decision makers, recruitment managers)
  • LinkedIn algorithm (keywords and skills!)

Solid LinkedIn Profile – Step by Step

… Next, display the “fill” parts from top to bottom for each field.

your name

  • First name, then last name. Not the other way around – this mistake happens more often than you might imagine.
  • If you have a common name Not very common For example, add a middle name. Do you have a middle name? Invent the initials. For example, Sandra Bihill may turn into Sandra M. Bihill. Also use it for email signatures, etc. for consistency.
  • Your name has no title. There are no MBA, PhD, MA, MSc, etc. Exception: Germany, Austria, or when very important from a reliability standpoint.

Contact Information

  • Make sure your “main email address” is your business email address (under Settings). Primary means that it is the only one that is displayed.
  • Add a link to the current company website.
  • Make sure you have added the zip code. Without it, the “all-star” level required for the algorithm cannot be reached.

Tag line

  • It is the line below your name and can be edited individually.
  • Update the tagline, Attractive for target groups / audiences.
  • Definitely wrong: a variation of “Job / Challenge / Find New Opportunities”. You can see the statistics about it in the table below:

  • Definitely correct: something that defines you in the target group.


  • You’ll be amazed at how many people make mistakes in this section.Choose the right one: remember Your position is not the same as the industry you work in! Example: For a CFO working for a company that manufactures and sells snacks:
    ◦ Correct industry: FMCG
    ◦ Wrong industry: finance
  • If you plan to change your industry, select your target industry.
  • If you can work in multiple industries, select your preferred industry.

Link to your profile
Create a link that you can include in your signature or application document and personalize it (click the edit button next to the link).
• Good link: https: //
• Illegal link: https: // (default)


  • Your profile picture looks like this: professional, real, invite people to get in touch with you, natural, unless you intentionally want to create an authoritarian and cold image. !!
  • Dress up so that the people in your target group you meet for the first time will actually meet you.
  • Make sure your photo meets the following criteria:
    ◦ Homogeneous background
    ◦ Head and shoulder shoot
    ◦ Wearing a white or dark shirt or suit (in other words, dressed as if going to an interview)
    ◦ It is convenient to wear accessories such as ties / scarves / pins.

background image

  • Must match what you want to achieve. Safe bet: Keep neutral / blank.
  • It matches the overall image you are creating.
  • Note: Nice landscape photos don’t focus on the content of your profile, they just distract your readers. Exception: For corporate policy.


  • If you are the CEO (or board member), your goal is 500 minutes..If you are a manager with at least 10 years of experience, you should have 200 minutes contact address.
  • Don’t you want others (eg competitors) to see who you know?[プライバシーと設定]→[接続を表示できるユーザーを選択]→[自分だけ]Go to.

Profile overview

  • Unique, unique, unique = you Unique sales proposal..
  • The essence of who you are.
  • Written with the target group in mind.
  • Best structure:
    ◦ First for “human readers”
    ◦ Next, the keywords for the LinkedIn algorithm
  • How do you know if it’s good enough?
    ◦ If you are the Chief Financial Officer and another Chief Financial Officer can read the profile overview and “copy / paste” the profile with a few minor changes, it is not enough.
    ◦ If it describes you or the few people on the market, that’s enough.


  • Do not “copy / paste” your resume.
  • Shows the last 7-10 years, and in some cases 15 years.
  • Do not expose sensitive / sensitive data.
  • Make the position description method consistent. For example, 3 lines per entry.
  • Make sure your profile is balanced. Don’t have too much or too little information. If there are too many “?”, You are more likely to be rejected → Recruiters will need to contact you for details / resume. If there are too many details → No need to contact.


  • Add only language skills that you can work with.
  • Don’t forget to add your own native language.


  • Select a group to review your expertise.
  • Hide irrelevant groups (do not delete).
  • You can easily send messages to other group members (no need to buy InMail).

Other sections

  • project: Interim project (if not bread and butter). Other related business cases that are allowed to be shared.
  • Honors and Awards: Relevant, from the last 5-7 years, unless it’s really worth mentioning.
  • Organization: Includes related memberships. Board membership.
  • education: Research, important training; not in high school. Ignore this section if it is disadvantageous to reveal your age.
  • Publication: Includes articles, books and media references.
  • Recommendations: Do it well or not at all. Decide if you have nothing or do it right. Recommend others and ask for recommendations. important: Don’t lie, recommend only those who actually recommend. Headhunters have begun to validate those recommendations!

Go online

  • Ready Your profile “On paper”, Calibrate..
  • Triple check grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Ask 3-4 people in your target group to make sure the content is actually talking to them.

Other tips for solids LinkedIn profile

Investigate targeted job ads in terms of the skills you need (possible from a premium account) and strategically make them yours LinkedIn profile.. Ideally, have a group of friends / colleagues support each other’s best skills.

Other Candidate Skills (Premium!)

Skills of other candidates (premium!)

There are two types of keywords when considering LinkedIn job ads:

1. “Public” keyword for ads

These are keywords from the ad description that will be displayed to everyone.
Hint: Find the 5-10 job ads you want to apply and create a list of common keywords to add to your profile.

2. Invisible keywords

Hidden keywords are set by the publisher of the classified ad and are not displayed. You need to make a knowledgeable guess as to which keywords are possible. That said, it probably overlaps with the keywords from the previous point.

Job hunting preferences
Please describe your job hunting preferences so that you know where and how you want to be seen.


From your LinkedIn profile, you can let recruiters know you’re looking for a job in the “Open to Work” settings. If you select an “All LinkedIn” member, your profile picture will have a green border. Would you recommend using the “Open To Work” feature? Read here

Search results
Do you want to be higher?

  • Make sure your profile is complete, especially with photos.
  • Be sure to add a connection (minimum 200, ideally 500 or more), but do not use SPAMming.
  • Use taglines and profile summaries, as well as related keywords throughout the profile.

Add connection

  • Set your own rules for who you want to add and who you don’t want to add. Stick to it.
  • An elegant and professional solution is to prepare LinkedIn to add a text format that you personalize on a case-by-case basis.
  • Exception: Adding someone who just interacted will already give you the right context.


  • It’s a good way to reach out to fellow participants and increase your network!

Do you have the perfect profile for a professional? do not know?Feel free to request Free LinkedIn ReportSystematically provide feedback on all sections I send a mail To LinkedIn Report

How to Create a Solid LinkedIn Profile – Step By Step (2022 Edition) – Career Angels Blog How to Create a Solid LinkedIn Profile – Step By Step (2022 Edition) – Career Angels Blog

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