How to crush ice with Genshin Impact Dragon Spine

In the Dragon Spine area of ​​Genshin Impact, there is ice that cannot be destroyed by ordinary fire. Check out how to crush this Genshin Impact ice in the Dragon Spine Guide to find out how to get rid of it. In this way, I’m not trying different ways that don’t work.

How to crush ice with Genshin Impact Dragon Spine

Some of the Dragonspine’s ice can be destroyed by a fire attack from a fire character. Unbreakable ice needs something else. As you travel through the Dragon Spine, you will come across red ores and hit them to collect ores and buff them. There is a red swirl around it and it disappears in about 20 years, so you can see that there is a buff. Seconds. Once you have a buff, find the ice you need to break and smash it with a weapon attack.

If you run out of time, you’ll have to find the ore again to get the buff. Respawn after a few minutes. From my experience so far, there has always been a red ore somewhere around the unbreakable ice, unless it’s story-related content. So if you’re having a hard time, look through every corner and every cave to find the ice-breaking red ore that’s blocking the way or covering the quest item.

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