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Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen will take part in this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with 269.5 points and set up a “winner wins everything” showdown at Yas Marina for the final round of the 2021 F1 World Championship.

Simply put, the driver who won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or who scored more points than any other driver, wins the title.

If neither driver scored points, Verstappen held the advantage of the tiebreaker and won nine races compared to Hamilton’s eight wins. If this happened, Verstappen would win his first championship in the countback, which would be the first time in F1 history that a top two driver would finish the year’s level with points.

Also, if one driver finishes in 9th place and the other driver finishes in 10th place, setting the fastest lap of the race, both drivers may finish with the same number of points. In this case, Verstappen still wins the championship.

Therefore, Hamilton must surpass Verstappen to become the record eighth World Champion.

It is the first time since 1974 that two drivers have participated in the final race, which was tied at the top of the standings. Emerson Fittipaldi Clay Regazzoni sat down with 52 points for the US Grand Prix at the end of the season. Fittipaldi finished in 4th place and Regazzoni finished in 11th place with an injured car.

The outlook for the Constructors’ Championship is also relatively simple. But unlike the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen, Mercedes has a decisive advantage over Red Bull.

Mercedes has a 28-point lead and 44 points in the standings, so if you score at least 17 points between Hamilton and Barteribotta, you’ll win the Constructors’ title eight times in a row.

Red Bull with Verstappen Sergio Perez It could finish at least in the top four and take the title of the first constructor since 2013. The odds are small for them, but there is one realistic scenario where you can win the title.

If the RB16B is very competitive this weekend and the team finishes 1 to 2, Mercedes will have to score points on both cars to get a chance to win the title. So if one Mercedes drops out early and the Red Bull jumps to the top, the turmoil of the Constructors’ Championship remains on the card.

If both constructors finish the year with the same number of points, Red Bull will once again retain the tiebreaker advantage. They have won the 10 Grand Prix, Mercedes 9 this season. Since the Constructors’ Championship was introduced in 1958, no tiebreaker has been ranked number one at the end of the season.

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How to Determine Driver and Team Titles in Abu Dhabi – Race Fans How to Determine Driver and Team Titles in Abu Dhabi – Race Fans

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