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As you increase the research level of each course with New Pokemon Snap, you will see more Pokemon, both in number and species. In addition, they will be more comfortable for you-so it will be easier to take great pictures. While it’s easy to get enough expedition points to raise your course to Research Level 2, it can be a little difficult to reach Research Level 3. If you don’t know how the calculation works, yes. Everything you need to know about how to calculate expedition points is here so you can quickly reach level 3 on all courses.

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How to Earn Expedition Points Faster

Outline of the mechanism for earning expedition points:

  • The full score of the new photo will be added to the expedition points at the end. If this is your first time taking a course, it will be treated as new.
  • So: Take all four pictures of each Pokemon’s behavior (star rating) on ​​each course, even if you’ve previously shot that Pokemon elsewhere-you’re still for the new course You will get the full point of it.
  • If a picture of a brand new behavior for the course is not available, choose the picture that seems to be the most improved compared to the previous picture for the course. Old, worse photos and new ones.

A complete guide on how expedition points work

Most importantly, if this is your first time shooting a Pokemon on that particular course, the entire photo score will be counted. This means that the first time you shoot a 1-star Magikarp in the jungle during the day, the entire score will be counted. Even if you have already shot a 1-star Magikarp in the park during the day, it still counts as a jungle (day) expedition point. This will earn you full points as long as the new photo is a new photo for that course, whether it is better or worse than the previous photo for another course. Day and night courses are also counted. A completely different course!

We recommend tracking the snapped Pokemon in each course guide’s Pokemon checklist!

If you have already submitted a photo for evaluation of an ongoing course, you will be rewarded based on the difference between the new, better and old photos. If it’s worse, you won’t get anything. This still only considers photos of the course, so you can earn expedition points even if the new 1-star Magikarp photos from the park are worse than the photos from the jungle (night).Park (Sun) Course if better than the best photo before Koiking taken in Park (Sun)

The really frustrating part is, unfortunately, that you can’t really see anywhere to compare these photos.


Can you cultivate or cheese the expedition point system?

I tried to make this system cheese, but it doesn’t work. Even if you choose to keep the low-scoring photos in Photodex, the game will still earn expedition points based on the best photos that can no longer be displayed.

What about the yellow highlighted score?

Wondering what it means to have points highlighted in yellow? It just shows that the new photo is better than the old one by certain criteria. It is not added to the Expedition Point.

The best process to get Expedition Points is to take a picture of all four movements of each Pokemon on every new course, even if you have already taken that Pokemon elsewhere. If that is not possible, choose the photo that seems to be the most improved compared to the previous photo of the course.

That’s all you need to know to improve your course’s research level. For more information on New Pokemon Snap, see 21 Essential New Pokemon Snap Tips and Reviews. Otherwise, store it here at IGN.


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