How to Find a Widow Maker-Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide

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There are many iconic weapons you can find while exploring the Night City. This section of IGN’s Cyberpunk 2077 Guide describes how to find a Widowmaker. This is a rare iconic tech precision rifle that can be plundered later in a ghost town mission with Panam.

You can’t get this iconic weapon without helping Panam’s quest for revenge.

How to find a widow maker

After receiving the key to Panam’s truck following the shootout at Rocky Ridge, she grabbed the steering wheel and explained that she wasn’t in the shootout and still wants Nash to take revenge.

There are several different ways to approach this conversation, but select the option at the bottom. “Okay, so where is this hideout?” She will tell you it’s very close, so ride away with her.

Once there, another shootout begins between Nash and his crew. Defeat everyone you see and get ready for reinforcements. After cleaning, you will find Nash on the second floor of the building on the right. When you drop him, he drops the widow maker.

This weapon is a great addition to your inventory. It’s a rare iconic tech precision rifle packed with huge punches! See below for more information on this weapon.

Rarity: rare type: Tech Precision Rifle
Explanation: A rifle owned by Raffen in a cage. After all, it wasn’t enough cage.
Mod slot: 1 Attachment: 1
Weapon attributes: Nash Rifle-He doesn’t seem to need it anymore.

Fires two projectiles per shot, dealing chemical damage and increasing the chances of applying poison.

Charge shots do more damage.

Selling price: $ 279 Main work: Ghost town

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