How to find (and defeat) AirAtronach in Elder Scrolls Online

Air Atronachs can look elusive and scary in Elder Scrolls Online. This guide provides a breakdown for players to prepare for battle.

Air Atronachs by Daedra Elder Scrolls Online.. They are dual wield elementals that are said to have the power of Flame Atronac, Frost Atronac, and Storm Atronac. Finding these elementals can be difficult and you can beat them even further. Air Atronax is primarily located in the eastern part of Lowwork Ragloan, located between Bancorai and Shirodir, and is accessible from the Cragloan Gate in the eastern part of Bancorai.

If the player starts the quest “The Star-Gazers”, they can also cart to the Craglorn capital, Belkarth, for free. Quickly access one of Elder Scrolls Online Daily quest With Craglorn. To start this quest, talk to Stargazer Herald in the capital of each alliance. Elden Root in Grahtwood, Mournhold in Deshaan, Wayrest in Stormhaven.

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The easiest way to find Air Atronax is to head north of Belkers to Spellskar, a giant obelisk that has fallen to Earth and formed a giant crater. Around the crater, there are many types of elementals and large numbers of spellfields. Air atronacs can be distinguished from other atronacs by the appearance of “floating rocks” and the lack of overall brilliance, but some air atronacs have brightly colored etchings on the stones. This version is formed when another Elemental Atronac is killed nearby.This allows the Air Atronach to get a temporary boost Attack based on element type They absorbed, it can be distinguished by color. Blue for frost injection, orange for flame injection, purple for storm injection.

Air Atronac Move Set Elder Scrolls Online

Air Atronach from Elder Scrolls Online Fight

When preparing for battle with Air Atronac Elder Scrolls Online, It is important to note that it is not affected by bleed damage. As a result, bleed-damaging weapons and spells are much less effective in this battle. If you engage in battle AirAtronach has four different movements. When the player is at close range, the Atronach is likely to make a single swipe attack, which can swing to the right or left. It also performs a charged attack, pressing the blade against the chest and then quickly spreading it in a wide arc.

This attack is easily interrupted, giving the player a great opportunity to deal their free damage. The Air Atronach can also be rotated with a blade, and there are both a quick version of this attack and a charged version with a red AOE indicator on the ground. Dodge or block this attack. When a player moves out of the range of Air Atronach’s dual blades, it performs a charged attack and fires a slice of wind at the player. This attack has a fairly narrow cone shape and can often be avoided by strafing on either side.

Air Atronac is the weakest in the group and has no additional abilities injected, but it’s easy to fight one-on-one. Removing them first allows the player to focus on the more aggressive enemies for best results.Diligently Health, stamina, magic management This fight should be pretty easy.

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How to find (and defeat) AirAtronach in Elder Scrolls Online

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