How to find and play Atari Breakout Easter Eggs on Google Search

For years there was a hidden Atari Breakout game that you could play on Google Search. Here’s the right way to find and play a game in 2022:

There is something hidden Atari Occur Easter egg game that you can play with Google Search — but only if you know how to find it. This is one of many Easter eggs related to Google It was released in the past and is still available today. It can be accessed in the same general way as others, but the process is a bit different due to the unique nature of Easter eggs.

By modern standards Occur It’s not the most visually or mentally exciting game.After all, it’s just another version Pon.. However, Occur First launched in 1976, it was a very product of the time. It was a game that quickly gained demand and became a hit. We are not responsible for names or ideas, Occur Designed for Atari By Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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in the meantime Occur Released in 1976 Google search version Added in 2013 to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the original. Inspired directly from the classic version of the game, Google’s implementation makes a huge difference to the normal Google search experience. Players have the option to play the game using the arrow keys on their keyboard (or mouse). There are 5 lives to generate the highest possible score by breaking through as many blocks as possible without the need for clicks.

Find Atari Breakout on Google Search

Most Google Search Easter Eggs Finding them is as easy as searching for the correct search term.. Again, technically, it requires additional steps to properly search and play the search version. Occur.. The search term you need to use is “Atari Breakout”. When you run your search normally, Google Search returns normal results, including links to official websites and resources.Previously from Google Search[画像]I was able to search the section to access the game, but now it’s not. The correct current way to find Easter eggs in 2022 is to go to Google Search, type “Atari Breakout” in the search bar, and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Again, if you don’t use the lucky search option, After that, the easter egg does not load as intended.. The same is true for Google search images. I see a lot of screenshots of Google games, but none of them can actually be played.If you want to play Occur With google search, you need to then search with that lucky button.

Finally, when you try to access the game via Google Search on your smartphone, the process is a little different. Open a web browser on your mobile phone, go to Google and do a normal search.Atari Click Breakout and tap the first link (must be from “elgoog.im”). Tap that link to launch the game immediately.Not so Technically It happens within Google Search just like the desktop. This is exactly the same game you would expect.

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How to find and play Atari Breakout Easter Eggs on Google Search

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