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How to find an access point

Access points include laptops, wall consoles, and antennas, usually in enemy areas. You can find them on your scanner, and they are marked by a small version of this icon:

And here is an example of what’s on the antenna:

In addition to scanning and looking around this one marker, you can quickly find them using Quickhacks and perks.

Ping Quickhack (Available for free from The Gift) works on all devices connected to the access point and reveals the location of the access point via lines such as:

However, not all areas with enemies have access points, so if you have difficulty finding where the lines intersect, it could be because there are no access points in that area.

If you want to free the quick hack spot for something else, you can invest instead Violation protocol benefits called extended network interfaces.. This will automatically highlight nearby access points.


You can also find access points at random locations around Night City.

When you reach the access point, you may have the option to jack in to V. Options are determined by V’s intelligence level. If the plugin has the required level, you will see a violation protocol that hacks the mini-game screen, such as:

The goal is to enter one or more of the sequences required to “data mining” this access point for rewards. The pattern of entering code in sequence starts at the first line. Then the next code you can select is from the first column of code.The· The pattern repeats row-column-row-column, etc. In the direction you choose.

If the buffer size is large (you can increase it by upgrading V’s operating system with Ripperdoc), you can enter more code. Your goal is to clear at least two sequences. Each of the three sequences and the code matrix is ​​randomized. If you’re lucky, you can complete all three, but you should always aim for two.

If a sequence fails while entering another sequence, it means that you cannot enter another sequence based on the input.

Tips: Hover over one of the code units in the sequence on the right to highlight all matching chords in the CodyMatrix. This is an easy way to see the row and column options for that particular code.

Let’s use the above violation protocol as an example. Based on the options and buffer size, I decided to resolve Datamine 3, Datamine 1, and Datamine 2 in that order. The resulting violation sequence looks like this: BD-BD-55-1C-E9 -BD ..

Tips: Don’t you like the sequence you got? When you return from the access point, a new set of sequences and a new code matrix are rolled back. This only works if one of the sequences has not been resolved yet and shortens the violation time timer.

Keep in mind that there can be multiple ways to enter a sequence in a single violation. And don’t forget that you are timed! The timer does not start until you use the code matrix.

Tips: Are you wrong? You can go back from the Bleach Protocol Console and start over. This only works if the sequence has not yet been cleared, reducing the violation time timer.

Once all the code is clear, you can undo it and the reward will pop up on the left side of the screen.

The rewards earned from access points can be increased through the following benefits. Advanced Datamine (Upgrade Datamine to increase the amount of Eurodollar obtained from the access point by 50%). If you upgrade Advanced Datamine again, it will increase by 100%. This allowed us to earn well over $ 1000 per access point if our money rewards went down. They usually do so.

All relevant benefits can be found on the Intelligence Benefits page.

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