How to find White Raven in Bloodhound’s new story quest Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a first-person shooter battle royale, but the game has a deep tradition in both the character and the world. In the past, Respawn Entertainment has tried various ways to inject that lore into the game, including comics and single-player quests. Respawn is now introducing a new format of story to the game through Apex Chronicles. Its first star is Bloodhound. To advance the Old Ways and New Dawn chapters, you need to reach certain goals within the Battle Royale Match.

In Chapter 1, you need to find White Raven at the World Edge and you can’t complete it in the ranked lobby. You need to make sure that World’s Edge is the current map in the unranked trio and duo queues. If not, it will rotate every few hours, so check again later. We recommend that you select a duo playlist. That way, if you encounter an enemy squad while trying a quest, you’ll only have two instead of three. You should also turn off the fillsquadmates option to ensure that you can choose Bloodhound and not be a bad teammate for solo drop.

The White Ravens that need to be interacted with are near the lava siphons, but there are multiple spawn locations around the lava siphons in the southern part of the World Edge, one of the new and interesting points of Season 10. The icon in the center of the small gold circle with the raven indicates the search area.

The golden circle shows the search area of ​​White Raven

The area you need to search for looks different for each Bloodhound in the lobby, so the chances of 20 Bloodhounds dropping in the same location are much lower. As you approach White Raven, you’ll see a special gold tracking icon indicating that the bird is nearby.

One of the White Raven spawn locations on the Lava Siphon
One of the White Raven spawn locations on the Lava Siphon

After interacting with White Raven, it flies away and gives the task of tracking down the injured Prowler. Prowler’s tracks are marked with a gold tracking icon that you need to follow. After a handful of markers, the screen will display a “Progress saved” notification. This indicates that the progress of the quest is a checkpoint, even if you die.

Gold “Injured Prowler” Tracking Icon

I didn’t encounter any other Bloodhounds during my quest, so there seem to be multiple paths to track Prowler. After following the markers for hundreds of meters, you will find White Raven again. This time I will talk about a series of dialogues before taking off. When that happens, the quest is complete and you’ll be awarded two Battle Pass Stars at the end of the match. Depending on when you complete this quest, the next chapter in Bloodhound’s Apex Chronicle may or may not be available. After completing all chapters, you will be awarded 3 Bloodhound Apex packs.

White Raven at the end of the Prowler truck
White Raven at the end of the Prowler truck

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