How to fix the new Xbox Call of Duty “Blackout Trial Ended” error: Black Ops Cold War Update

The new bug is a bug Xbox Black Ops Cold War Player after the December 8th update – When I try to load the game, I get the message “Blackout Trial is over” and need to purchase the game. again.

Thankfully, this blackout bug has a very simple fix and seems to work for many. Just head to Game Manager / Update Manager.

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you have to Go to the “Add-ons” section Select all Black Ops add-ons. You have to select all of them, not just Black Ops Cold War based games.Then just Save your changes and restart Call of Duty. This should resolve the issue immediately.

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This will apply all add-ons and updates to your game and ensure that the game loads successfully the next time you launch it. However, this is still a temporary fix – Treyarch It doesn’t say if an official update will come. You may need to check your add-on multiple times.

Also, the operation is not guaranteed. Some people have been locked out of major game modes by this blackout bug.

What was the new update?

The December 8th update was aimed at adding stability and bug fixes, and creating space for the first season of Black Ops Cold War. Weapons, score streaks, and in-game balancing have also undergone some changes.

A new free bundle is also available to celebrate the next start of Season 1. These include spectacular operator skins, spectacular reticles, calling cards (and other cosmetics).

Double XP Weekend will also begin on December 12th (Saturday this week) and continue until the start of Black Ops Cold War Season 1 next week (December 16th). Don’t worry if it’s replaced by the new Mosh mode as a featured playlist. Nuketown doesn’t go anywhere.

There are also a significant list of visual changes to the gun performance and game UI, as well as more technical changes. These are a kind of updates that continue to be pushed out over the annual cycle of. call of Duty, And bugs such as “Trial period has expired” are usually displayed.

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Thankfully, this bug could be easily fixed by simply going to the game update. Currently, affecting the Xbox player seems to be a problem. It should be fixed in a future update, but until then you can handle it yourself!

How To Fix The “Blackout Trial Has Ended” Error In New Xbox Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Update

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