How to get 8 items from every rock every time-Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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Animal Forest Rocks: New Horizons is a popular item given its production of iron nuggets, clay, stones, gold nuggets, and sometimes even bells! This page describes a reliable way to harvest up to 8 items each time from rocks containing bell-filled “money rocks” and other resources that appear once a day at ACNH.

Between the hole and the rock trick

There is a surefire way to get eight materials or resources per rock. You need to strategically dig a hole behind it to avoid being knocked back. Place yourself between the rock and the hole (pictured above) and shovel it as quickly as possible. (You can use an ax instead if you want.)

Watch the video below at 1:40 to see this trick work in the exact step-by-step procedure.

you have to completely Cleans the ground around rocks of weeds, trees and other items. If the ground isn’t clear, you’ll have no place to land on the item and you’ll be out of luck.

Be careful not to hit the rocks after eating the fruit! You destroy it completely. But don’t worry. If you accidentally break a rock, it will “grow” to random locations on the island in a few days.

How to remove the bell from the rock

The long-standing secret of the Animal Crossing game is that every day, one random rock contains a bell instead of a mineral, and you can make more money by hitting it continuously. Dig a hole behind you (top / bottom, sideways) to prevent knockback and hit the rock up to 8 times. Up to 16,400 bells every day!


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