How to Get a Permanent Ripperdoc Discount-Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide

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There are a lot of Ripperdocs that live everywhere in Night City and can install a variety of expensive cyberware, but only one of them has something to hide and does anything to prevent it from getting caught.

One of Watson’s ripper documents is just north of Kabuki Plaza, and his name is Charles Bucks. When you first enter his store and browse his selections, V can ask where he got such a good expensive item, and Charles anonymously his supplies. He nervously says he likes to stay.

When Act 2 begins, go back to the store and start snooping. His store has a locked door that can be hacked and opened remotely.

If your intelligence is too low, you can also go to the other side of the big building and find the shipping dock. The local fixer needs to tell you about a nearby gig and find a laptop in the missing Alois.

From the loading dock, you should be able to go through one of the open doors or windows on the second floor. There are many Scavs inside.

Kill them all, head to the basement and find a connecting room back to the Ripper Dock. There, the scab harvests the body and hands the cyberware to Charles. For further confirmation, look for an open laptop near the operating table and find a message from Charles himself.

Return to Charles after you kill the scab, and he becomes incredibly nervous, and you can tell him what you find in the basement. When he tries to sue his innocence, let him know that you found his email, and he asks you to take a different view-it’s your time I offer to make it worthwhile.


If you choose to accept this obvious bribe, you 20% discount With all the cyberware he sells. We sell many items that other Ripperdocs also sell, so if you want to install more cyberware, this can be a huge cost savings. Only he will be much cheaper, including various arm enhancements.

Check here for all the Ripperdoc locations and what Charles specifically sells on this chart


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