How to get a pickaxe in Walheim

In Walheim, players get ore and stones and need a pickaxe to adjust their environment. They need to defeat the first major boss to make it.

As with any survival game, getting resources and building a foundation is Walheim..To Walheim, The player takes on the role of a Viking warrior killed in a battle taken to Walheim, 10th Scandinavian world.. While here, players need to confront a relentless environment, fight monsters, and restore order.With some exploration Take care of basic needs, Players begin to encounter obstacles to exploration and a growing need for better armor. To get what you need, the player must unlock and create the pickaxe.

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Put a pickaxe Walheim It’s a little process. Players must summon and defeat one of Odin’s ancient rivals, the first major boss in the game. You also need to build and upgrade your workbench to improve your base.Pickaxe Mining ore to improve armorCrush rocks that get in the way of exploration, get crafting stones, lower the ground, and flatten rough areas. Pickaxes are one of the tools players want to spend their time getting, as they have so many uses.Here’s how to put a pickaxe Walheim..

How to get a pickaxe in Walheim

Eikthyr is a giant stag beetle and the first boss of Walheim

There are three main steps to getting a pickaxe Walheim: Strengthen your character and basic strength, win deer trophies, and summon and defeat Axar. First, players will want to continue building bases, leveling up their skills, building new weapons, and especially workbenches. This will help improve their skills and strength. It will be needed to take on the Major Boss Axor, which must be summoned to obtain the pickaxe material.

Also, players need to focus on this before or immediately after fighting Eikthyr, as the workbench must be upgraded to at least level 2 or level 3 to create a good pickaxe. Players need to find flint and build chopping blocks. When the player places a chopping block next to the workbench, the workbench is upgraded to level 2.

Players need to make particularly good bows. This is a useful weapon, but it’s also a great way to hunt deer. Walheim.. Players need to hunt deer for the Deer trophy, which is the offering used to summon Eikthyr. They need to put two of these on the summon stone. Players can summon this giant lightning-wielding deer as many times as they like, but it’s usually best to set up a base and farm and wait until the first buildup.

Players should have no problem fighting the first major boss with a shield and knife or bow. After defeating Eikthyr, the creature presents the player with some Hard Antlers. This is the material you need to create an Antler Pickaxe in Workbench. The cost of a pickaxe is 1 hard antler and 10 wood, so players can create additional pickaxes or store the remaining hard antler for later use.

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Walheim Early access and available on your PC.

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