How to Get Elite Void OSRS

In Old School RuneScape, you’ve come across the term Void, which stands for armor set in-game. Void gear can be upgraded to Elite Void with OSRS. This guide is intended to assist you in obtaining it. It also outlines the main differences between upgraded Void gears.

In this guide, we will consider the following:

  • What is a void?
  • How do I get Void with OSRS?
  • Difference between regular void and elite void
  • How to upgrade to Elite Void

Let’s start by explaining what Void really is and what it is best used for.

What is OSRS Void Gear?

Void is an armor set that is very often used to kill players, bosses, and even set up a range of welfare. Many players choose to use it for raids because they can completely change their combat style by simply switching helmets.

Speaking of combat styles, Void must be level 42 in all combat skills, including attack, defense, strength, range, hit points, and mages. The exception is prayer, which must be level 22. Void Night Armor offers equal defense bonuses for all stats without worrying about sacrificing attack bonuses.

How do I get a void gear?

If you want to get Void Knight equipment, buy it from Void Knights. To do this, you need to earn Void Knight award points. This can be done by playing the pest control mini-game. The full set of armor costs 850 points without the mace. To disassemble it, the full set includes a helmet, top, robe and gloves, and the mace costs an additional 250.

As mentioned earlier about the set, it has several uses. It can also be used to perform slayer tasks faster, unless the slayer helm takes precedence. This is a very popular option when you are in the wilderness where PvP situations occur. It’s very useful here as you don’t have to switch helms in this set to change your combat style.

Difference between regular void and elite void

There are some similarities between regular voids and elite voids. For example, you need the same combat skill level to progress. Elite Voids also have the same defense bonuses compared to regular Void Knight equipment, but they differ in several ways. For example, you can expect it to look different from a regular Void outfit. It also offers a +3 prayer bonus, which, if it’s of interest to you, gives an additional damage boost to your mage and range set.

However, now that you have an idea of ​​how to unlock the Void gear and the difference between regular gear and Elite, you need to know how to get the Elite gear itself.

How to upgrade to Elite Void OSRS

As expected, the Elite Void Knight equipment is a typical void set upgrade. Completing the Hard Western Province Diary will give you the Elite Void Top and Elite Void Robe. You will receive 200 Void Knight Award Points for every piece in the Void Set you want to upgrade. Given the benefits described earlier, it’s definitely worth considering upgrading to.

It costs a total of 400 points to upgrade Void Knight equipment to Elite. If you want to upgrade your Void pieces, you’ll need to go to the Void Knights outpost. Next, you need to talk to Elite Void Knight. This character is near a bank and is often pottering near the entrance to the Void Knights outpost. After completing the Hard Western Provinces Diary, you will be able to talk to her. So make sure you have the award points you need.

If you need to find Void Knights’ Outpost, it’s south of the map. Once you’ve found Ape Atoll, search southwest and you’ll find a small island. There are several ways to reach this location, but the first is via Port Salim, where you can talk to the landowner. Alternatively, you can get a charged glorious amulet and teleport it to Karamja. Then pay the customs officer 30 gp unless you have completed the first part of the Garden of Tranquility quest. This quest requires a ring to get there for free. There is also a third route. On this route, you can use the mini-game teleport system, then choose pest control, and then use teleport to reach the outpost.


Overall, void armor setups generally have many uses. This is useful in a variety of situations that occur during your stay at Old School Runescape, regardless of how you approach the game. If you’re a player like PvE, this set is useful when playing against low-defense monsters, and many players often prefer it to high-level armor. On the other hand, its adaptability by being able to switch combat styles is also very useful in PvP combat.

Therefore, once the Elite Void OSRS is set up, you’re ready to work on everything that gets in the way. So even if you plan to kill monsters, attack, or fight fellow players, stack up your award coins and head to Void Knights’ Outpost to get the coveted Elite Void gear. ..

How to Get Elite Void Gear OSRS

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