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This page is part of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide, which details everything you need to know to find and obtain ornaments during a winter event.

Whether you want to get all the red, blue and gold ornaments, or just collect 13 festive DIY recipes, we’ll cover you with the complete guide below.

How to find and get ornaments

From December 15th to January 6th, you will have the opportunity to find and collect Christmas ornaments that have been used to decorate many cedar trees. Don’t miss the festive trees lined with brightly colored Christmas illuminations.Shake these festive trees and you’ll have the chance to receive one of three special decorations:

  • Red ornament
  • Blue ornament
  • Gold ornaments

These ornaments can be used to create 13 unique celebration-themed DIY recipes.There may be no limit to the number of ornaments you can drop from each tree, but like any other item, you should ensure that ornaments are collected frequently. They do not stack.

So you’re probably wondering, do you have many ornaments that you need to complete the entire festive DIY recipe set? Well, you need the following number of ornaments:

  • 36 red ornaments
  • 43 blue ornaments
  • 42 yellow ornaments

If you can afford it, you can choose to sell it at Nook’s Cranny. This is to buy each ornament for 50 bells.

How to get a festive DIY recipe

Now that you have collected enough ornaments, you need to start the task of collecting all 13 festive DIY recipes.To start collecting recipes, you need to shoot down the flying balloons that appear on the island. These are known to be displayed every 5 minutes, but they are not always guaranteed. It is also worth mentioning that you may receive duplicate recipes. So if you’re having a hard time collecting all the recipes, you may need to exchange them with your friends.Thankfully, Isabel will send an ornamental lease recipe to all players during the announcement on the morning of December 15th to launch a limited-time event.

Celebration DIY recipes range from wallpapers, flooring, accessories and furniture.


Are you curious about what each festive item will look like? Check here for a complete guide to creating all 13 festive DIY recipes.


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