How to get Shiny Flotsam with Genshin Impact

Shiny Flotsams is the new currency for Echoing Tales events. This guide will show players how to get it within Genshin Impact.

Shiny Flotsum is a new event currency available at. Genshin Impact.. Genshin Impact We are currently hosting the Echoing Tales Summer Event. The event includes a lot of new content, including a new set of islands to explore, a new Waverider to explore the ocean, and a new seasonal shop that you can use to get valuable items. Glossy wreckage can be collected in a variety of ways throughout the event.

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Before players can join At the Echoing Tales event, You need to complete three prerequisites. This is what the player needs to do to unlock access to this event.

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  • Players must reach Adventure Rank 21 or higher.
  • Players must complete the Archon quest “Song of Dragon and Freedom”
  • Players must complete the Trifolium chapter: Act 1: “True Treasure”

Once these prerequisites are met, players will be able to participate in the Echoing Tales event. Most of this event is to collect the echo conch scattered around. Newly introduced Golden Apple archipelago.. During the event, players can also complete combat challenges to earn Shiny Frosam and unlock all event rewards.This guide will show players where to find Shiny Flotsam Genshin Impact.

How to get Shiny Flotsam with Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Echo Tales Event

How to get Shiny Flotsam Genshin Impact, Player must have completely Explored the golden apple archipelago.. Once that is done, the player can head to the hirichurl icon on the map. This activates a specific set of combat challenges where the player must use Waverider to defeat the enemy. When an enemy is defeated in the area, the player will be rewarded with Shiny Frosam. The player can then move to the next hirichurl icon and repeat the process. Players will want to earn as many Shiny Frosams as possible as they can be used to purchase event reward items in the Event Shop.

All events Genshin Impact Comes with its own currency.During this event, players may be interested in unlocking new items For their Serenitea pot.. The Serenitea Pot Pocket Dimension Mechanic was introduced just a few weeks ago and there is plenty of room for growth as the game continues.

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Genshin Impact Now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile.

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