How to get the best New World gear

Want to know how to get the best New World gear?There are several ways to get new armor New World Weapons – Pick them up as drops from enemies or in chests, marketplace or yours New World School Shop or make by hand.

As you approach the equipment level of your equipment, you may be satisfied with just upgrading your equipment. The easiest way to get good equipment is from a faction store.However, if you want to make the most of your character New World PvP Or for high-level content, you’ll want to look for even better gear.

If you’re looking for the best gear scores and the best perks and attributes in your build, you can either build gear to the exact specs or expect high-level weapons to fall from your enemies. At level 60, the gear progression of the New World changes slightly, introducing a “watermark” system for higher level gears. Here’s everything you need to know about New World gear.

New World Armor Weight

New World armor comes in three different weights: light, medium and heavy. Each piece of armor also has a separate numerical weight. The weight of the gear you are currently wearing is displayed in the upper left corner of the equipment screen. The important thing is that all the equipment loads are summed up.

There are three different “equipment loads” in the New World, each with its own advantages. Usually you aim for a load of equipment that best complements your build and choose the armor pieces accordingly. For example, if you need a “light” equipment load, that doesn’t mean you only need to wear light armor. Even if you wear a single medium armor, it will still be below the medium armor load threshold.

The loads and benefits of New World equipment are:

Light armor

Total equipment load Under 13 years old Give you light armor. This is best achieved with medium chest and light armor everywhere else. Light armor gives you 20% additional damage and healing, as well as the ability to roll evasion.

Medium armor

Equipment range 13-23 Put you in the medium category. For maximum damage absorption, heavy chest areas, light helmets and gloves, medium legs and boots are recommended. This equipment load grants 10% bonus damage and healing, a 10% increase in crowd control period, and leap avoidance.

Heavy armor

Total equipment load 23 years and over, You are in the heavy armor category. It’s best to go all-in with heavy armor in every slot. Earn a 15% block bonus and a 20% crowd control period bonus. Avoidance is a simple workaround.

Gear rarity

New World gear is divided into five categories: common (gray), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legend (orange).

Gear can also have slots for New World JewelsBenefits of introducing powerful buffs and increased attributes. The legendary weapon is filled with all five bonus slots.

How to make high level gear in the new world

According to, this is the way to make the best possible item in the New World research From the New World Fans fan site:

Craft station
To create higher tier items, you need to use a higher tier craft station. For example, a Tier 3 craft station can create 300 gear score items, while a Tier 5 station can create 500 gear score items.

The hierarchy of items you create also depends on the material you use. As an example, if you create a Tier 4 item using a Tier 4 material, you will have a gear score of 400 as a baseline.

  • Each time the tier material decreases (for example, when using a tier 3 material), the minimum gear score decreases by 5.
  • As the tier material increases, the minimum gear score increases by 5.
  • Using rare materials will increase the minimum and maximum gear scores by 5.
  • Using sophisticated rare materials will increase the minimum and maximum gear scores by 15.
  • Using rare materials will reduce the item’s level requirements.

Skill level
The minimum and maximum gear scores are also affected by the level of trade skills.

When you add Azoth to a craft item, it’s more likely that the item will have additional attributes, perks, and gem slots.

Two New World characters standing at the outfit station

Affix of New World items

You may have noticed that the names of the gears you meet in the New World have something in common. There is a naming convention that describes the characteristics of the item in question. For example, “Cavalier’s Enhanced Syndicate Adept Coat” means:

  • With enhanced benefits, durability is improved by 20%
  • Adept trunk item from the Syndicate faction shop
  • “… Of Cavalier” means that the primary statistics are dexterity and the secondary statistics are constitutional.

When crafting, you can use attribute items to give these statistics and affixes to your gear.

If you purchase faction armor from a faction shop, the attributes suitable for a particular build may not improve.However, you can Use the faction seal to reroll the faction’s armor at the craft station.

NS Full list The number of item affixes is available in New World Fans.

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How to Get High Level Gear Drops in the New World

Each item you can equip has its own gear score. The higher the score, the stronger the weapon. The maximum gear score is 600. So, if you want to know how to make sure you get a high level of gear at level 60, there are a few things you need to know.

To get high level gear, you need to defeat enemies above level 60.The game tells you when calculating the level of gear to drop ‘watermark’ Each slot and weapon type number you can equip – This watermark is the highest gear score you’ve ever obtained in each slot. When a gear falls, it is very unlikely that it will be higher than the current “watermark”, but when this happens, the “watermark” will be adjusted and it is much more likely that you will get another gear. That slot around that level.

For example, imagine the best helmet you’ve ever received was the 510 GS. Since this is a helmet watermark, you are unlikely to receive a higher piece. Fortunately, if you can receive a better helmet (for example, 520 GS), you are much more likely to receive a helmet up to 520 GS.

So the best way to get a high level gear drop is to repeatedly defeat high level bosses to increase the watermark.

There is also New World Legendary Weapon After reaching level 20 with a weapon, you will have a gear score of 580 that you can get at level 60. Talk to Mountain Home Eintumadaki to start the legendary weapon quest.

That’s all you need to know about New World gear.While working on improving the character, with a guide Best hatchet build, Best rapier build, Built by the best firefighters, When Best tank build in the new world..

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