How to improve your health with skipping rope!

Remember when you were a kid you jumped rope and competed with your friends to find out who could jump the rope fastest? My childhood memories always make me smile. I used to enjoy jumping rope a lot! There were several games I was playing with skipping rope and it was one of the cheapest games I could buy. The biggest advantage of skipping rope is that people of all ages can still use it today.

Benefits of using skipping rope

Until I became a coach, I didn’t realize the benefits of using skipping rope. Not only playing like a child, it’s a great training tool. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or workout, skipping for 15 minutes is enough to burn a fair amount of calories.

It not only burns calories, but also improves footwork, speed, coordination, stamina and agility, and helps strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back, chest, arms and shoulders.

How to jump rope?

  • Beginners need to jump twice during each rotation of the rope. The basic purpose here is to shape the muscles of the abdomen and calves. You need to be careful not to move your arm while skipping. You need to rotate the rope while moving your wrist in a circular motion.
  • Don’t jump too high. Jump 1-2 inches off the floor to give the rope enough space to slip under your feet. Only the base of the toes should touch the floor.
  • Keep your elbows aside when rotating the rope. Movement occurs from the wrists and forearms, not the shoulders.
  • If you get tired before you finish your workout, drop the rope, but do not move your arms and legs.
  • To find the perfect rope, place one foot in the center of the rope and lift the handle. Do not pass under your armpits.

How to choose skipping rope?

Popular ropes include skipping rope, digital ropes, and weighted ropes. (Whatever you get, make sure the length is correct. The way to measure it is to stand in the middle of the rope. The handle should go up to the waist, lower ribs. It reaches the shoulders. If it’s too long.)

  • Skipping rope: Lightweight and has excellent speed. Primarily used by elite athletes to develop footwork, coordination and conditioning. For example, boxers use skipping rope during common strength and conditioning training.
  • Digital rope: Digital skipping rope counts the number of jumps you have made. It also tracks the number of calories burned during each skipping training session. Some people track the length of training. For more features, see GOQii Smart Skip.
  • Weighted skipping rope: There is a weighted handle. The idea behind this rope is that the extra weight of the handle provides extra training to the upper body such as the strength of the wrists, forearms and triceps.
  • Leather skipping rope: The fine leather skipping rope is perfect for full-scale training. These ropes have plastic or wooden handles and leather strips for the ropes. Compared to cloth skipping rope, leather skipping rope rotates much faster and provides serious aerobic exercise. Professional boxers have been using leather skipping rope for years during training.
  • Bead skipping rope: It consists of plastic beads stretched over the thin part of the nylon cord. Like cloth ropes, beaded skipping rope is very economical. These ropes have been fun for some time, but are not recommended for intense skipping rope exercises.

Check the table below to find out the proper rope length for your height.

Your height Jump rope length
Up to 4 feet 6 inches 6 feet
4’7 “to 5’6” 7 feet
5’6” to 6′ 8 feet
6 feet or more 10 foot

Kids skipping rope: Skipping rope for children should be shorter than skipping rope for adults. Beaded ropes are less likely to get entangled, so it’s best to start with beaded ropes first. Make sure the rope is not too short. If it is too short, there will be too many errors and the child may be discouraged.

Skip routines that help knock off tummy fat

  1. Skip from low to medium speed and warm up for 5 minutes
  2. Take a break for 1 minute
  3. Skip for 1 minute as soon as possible
  4. Break for 20 seconds
  5. Skip again for 1 minute as fast as possible
  6. Then rest again for 20 seconds and repeat for 10 minutes.

The reason behind this type of skip is that it can improve cardiovascular and muscle endurance and help burn more calories.

If you want to track your skipping training, get the GOQii Smart Skip, which comes with a high performance intelligent skip counter and 3 skip modes.

  1. Free mode: Feel free to skip regular aerobic exercise, depending on your level
  2. Time trial mode: Set a time-based skip target and challenge against time.
  3. Skip count mode: Set the minimum number of skips as the target for you to hit.

Apart from this, it is also useful for tracking calories burned, skipping speed, monitoring heart rate, burning fat, and more. GOQii Smart Skip is available here: https: //

I hope you found this article useful. For more information on fitness and training, check out Healthy Reads or subscribe to personalized health coaching here to talk to your GOQii coach: https: //

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