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The Facebook group is one of the marketing strategies that everyone underestimates when trying to figure out how to generate leads and engagement. However, most of the time, we just use Facebook groups to get referral traffic, which is not always the best way to harness the power of these groups.

Instead, properly promoting and managing them can generate a large number of direct leads or sales. What is needed is a high engagement rate to encourage people to discuss, share and respond to you in order to generate interest. The following Facebook group tips will help you do it for free.

1. Simplify engagement

To facilitate engagement. You can start a thread and ask group members to introduce themselves. This is a great way for members to feel comfortable and start a new conversation. When people start introducing themselves, they can feel the value. They are also so easy to engage in future posts that you can start to consider the entire group as an online family.

If you have the time, you can also send a personalized message to the member to get them involved and get involved. All you have to do is click on the name of the person you want to interact with and go to their profile. Once there, you can click the “Message” button in the upper right corner.

2. Welcome new people

By welcoming members one-on-one, you can establish a connection with them from the beginning. Connections help members feel comfortable and include enough to share their thoughts with the group. Members who have participated in the last 7 days are new and can be seen in the group discussion view. There is also a clickable link that shows all new members.Below that[投稿を書く]You can click the button to create a customized message for each new member.

3. Make your space aesthetic

Most social media users prefer pleasing visuals and aesthetics. Dress up your space with the perfect Facebook cover photo template that best suits your niche and your brand.

You can also post a photo quote to increase your engagement. Today, high-impact citations in a neutral background are getting a lot of engagement from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It translates well on Facebook. Be sure to select the quotes that the user feels connected to.

4. Post surveys, quizzes, and voting

How to Engage on Facebook Groups

You can continue the member’s conversation with surveys, polls, or quizzes. Engagement begins when you ask the user for input directly. Posting one of these items allows group members to share their thoughts and opinions, interact with you, and interact with each other. Polls can help identify hot trends in your niche, and occasional surveys and quizzes can help guide your campaign in the right direction. You can also add prizes to motivate group members to take part in the quiz.

5. Ask many questions

Posting some questions directly to the group is a good way to start a conversation. Your question should be thought of as a call for action to convince people to join the conversation as soon as they see it. You can consider the following questions:

  • Closed – Closed questions are questions that people can answer with a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
  • Debate oriented – Debate-oriented questions allow users to share answers to or answers to questions. As people become more passionate about the topic, they may need to be monitored further.
  • General – It doesn’t take a lot of effort to answer common questions. It’s just useful, it’s a very easy and simple way for people to get involved in a conversation.
  • Open end – An open question is a question that cannot give a simple “yes” or “no” answer because you are asking for that person’s opinion. All members can give different answers without the wrong answer.
  • Image base – Sharing a question with an attached image helps people easily understand the question and provide informed answers.

6. Schedule posts

As the group grows, you will find that there are times during the day that are much more lively than at other times. For local groups, conversations can increase during the morning or afternoon hours. Most people want to take advantage of this by posting when they are active. If you’re not there, you can schedule posts at these times. Generally speaking, I would like to avoid posting on weekends or before 8am in the morning and evening. Click a group in the menu on the left before clicking the clock symbol to schedule a post. You can choose the date and time you want before hitting the schedule. At this point, your post will be published, but there is no further input.

7. Reply, comment, etc.

Join a Facebook group

You have to work to connect with your community and you won’t expect them to do it all for you. Therefore, you need to instruct different users in the group to like, comment, reply, or do all three things several times a day. By doing so, you can connect with more people and make them believe that you can see and hear that they are contributing to the conversation. As a result, they can be more involved.


These 7 simple Facebook group tips will help you engage and grow with an active viewer, centered on your product, service, or brand. Once you’ve created a group and started adding locals, get in touch and invite them to join the conversation and stay connected with you. By doing so, you can expand your reach and increase your sales.

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