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How to lock a zoom conference to keep out unwanted guests

One good way to prevent unwelcome participants and late arrivals from attending Zoom meetings is to lock them. Let’s see how this is done.

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You need to be able to prevent unwanted visitors from interrupting one of your Zoom meetings. One option is to lock the meeting. When you lock a meeting, visitors receive a notification that the meeting is locked. If desired, you can easily unlock an existing meeting to allow latecomers to join. The mechanism is as follows.

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Before scheduling or starting a Zoom meeting, warn all potential participants that the meeting will be locked at a specific point in time, such as 10 minutes after the meeting starts. Thus, they know that those who are late cannot participate.

Start a Zoom meeting. Set the required security requirements. For example, you can see the participants in a meeting in the waiting room and then allow them to join. After all valid participants have joined, you can lock the meeting so that no one else can join. To do this[セキュリティ]Click the button[会議のロック]Choose(Figure A).

Figure A


Now, let’s say someone else tries to join. Either an unwanted stranger or someone who was supposed to attend a meeting but arrived late. After entering the meeting ID and passcode, the screen will display the message “Unable to join this meeting. The organizer has locked the meeting.” ((((Figure B).

Figure B


The disadvantage of locking a Zoom meeting is that you cannot see the name of the person who is trying to attend the meeting to determine if it is a legitimate participant. In other words, locking a meeting may not be as practical as using a waiting room where you can view and approve each attendee. In this case, the only option for someone locked out of the meeting is to contact the host to see if they can unlock and join. Otherwise, the person will not be able to participate.

To unlock the meeting[セキュリティ]Click the button[会議のロック]Uncheck the option (uncheck the optionFigure C).

Figure C


Next, you need to contact the latecomer by phone or email to let them know that you have access to the meeting. You can then lock the meeting again.

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